Targeted primarily for small and midsized businesses not having the capital to install premise-based PBXs, Grasshopper is a single service solution for users who want high levels of flexibility and maximum features, but don’t want to pay for a ton of things that they won’t use. The service more than lives up to its reputation as a virtual telephone system with ‘oomph’ and functions much in the same way as other leading PBX systems in terms of services provided and feature availability, however, unlike many other systems, with Grasshopper there is no need to purchase additional equipment.

  • The Pros

    • No requirements to purchase or install additional hardware
    • Simple and easy to use
    • No reported issues when linking smartphones to the system
    • Various options for responding to calls, allowing employees to work from anywhere
    • Advanced call screening options make it possible to forward calls to voicemail or redirect to other staff
    • No cap on extensions
    • No long term contract
    • 30-day full money-back guarantee
    • Offers businesses a professional appearance at minimal cost
  • The Cons

    • The system is, at the very core, a call forwarding system. Meaning that customers are not provided with extra phone lines. Users require an existing phone number in order to use the service and every phone added will also require its own number
    • Calls are 6 cents per minute
    • Users are automatically billed as soon as they are $100 above the monthly allowance (that is roughly 1600 minutes)
    • There is minimal coverage for international usage
    • Connection quality is dependent on the existing phone network, which could be problematic in poor cellphone signal areas
  • The Plan

    Unlike traditional PBXs or VoIP service, Grasshopper is a virtual PBX that, for all intents and purposes, forwards all incoming calls to a cellphone or landline.

    The primary features of Grasshopper include:

    • Support for vanity and toll-free numbers within the domains of 800, 888, 877, 866, and 855
    • Local area codes, regardless of what region you are located in
    • Easy number portability
    • Completely customizable greetings
    • No cap on the number of allowable extensions, meaning that every person and department can have their own direct line
    • Custom and recorded hold music
    • Name directories and unlimited call handling

    Additional services

    Grasshopper Caller ID: Different from other apps, Grasshopper allows users to call from a smartphone so that the company caller ID information and phone number is displayed on outgoing calls. This may not be an option when using a standard landline.

    Enhanced Emails: The primary account holder and the heads of each department have the option of programming the service to email them all voicemails and faxes. These will be delivered as either Mp3 or PDF files.

    Read your Voicemail: This option allows users to have their voicemails transcribed and sent to their email address.

    Voice Studio:
    The service offers an entire suite of recording options that can be used for business purposes such as recording a professional sounding greeting, etc.

    Next Available Employee: The sales and customer support phone system can be established in a manner that places callers on hold and automatically routes them to the next available agent, regardless of how many different phones are being used.

    All packages include:

    • Free activation
    • No cap on extensions
    • Access to all features
    • 30-day money back guarantee

    Depending on the number of lines (or toll-free calling numbers) and the amount of monthly minutes, costs range from $12 to $199 / month.


Grasshopper is a noble solution for budget conscious small businesses who either have BYOD plans, or don’t mind employees using their own devices. The service not only provides a decent amount of features, it also helps businesses to establish and maintain a strong, professional appearance.

Overall Rating 4.0

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