Hosted VOIP and Avoiding Disasters: How You Can Route Calls Elsewhere

The technology of hosted VOIP goes beyond just providing phone technology that takes your business to a new level. It also works on a safety level as you face the risks of disaster. Consider that it really doesn’t matter where your business is in the path of nature’s fury. Disasters don’t always come from something natural either. Human beings are capable of just as much damage, either by accident or deliberately out of spite.

With all these factors, you perhaps never fully comprehended how hosted VoIP technology could help. Having anything hosted means you’re connected through an Internet line with quality bandwidth. If you’ve had managed IT services in the past, then you know how remote assistance works.

Hosted VoIP works much the same way. In certain disaster scenarios, this is going to come in very handy. Plus, there’s some things you can do on your own to reroute your phone systems.

During disasters, you need to think fast on how to get back on your feet. Take a look at how this can work with a quality hosted VoIP provider.

Gaining Access to Your Business Data

A hosted VoIP platform stores all data in the cloud for easy retrieval during calls, as well as after. Because a lot of that data will have info on valuable customers, you don’t want to lose any of it.

The cloud provides a safe place to store this. Along with dependable monitoring, it stays secure as well. Once a disaster hits, you don’t have to worry about customer data being lost from your own on-site server. With the cloud, you can access information in any location, as long as you have an Internet connection.

With a dedicated team behind your hosted VoIP system, they’ll take care of you and make sure you don’t lose anything.

However, with rerouting capability, many of your inbound calls can go to other devices.

Rerouting to Your Cell Phones

If all of your physical phones went down in a disaster, you can easily reroute all inbound calls to a cell phone. All VoIP systems allow a universal telecommunications system through multiple devices. This lets you create an extension so a customer can still call your main business number.

During a time of displacement from a natural disaster, this is invaluable. Hosted VoIP can already allow your employees to work from home on their cell phones. Now those phones can become a lifesaver to keep your business running without interruption.

Rerouting to Voice Mail

You won’t have to lose out on voice mail either since you can easily route all inbound calls there. Your voice mail is in the cloud so anyone can access it through the Internet. So important business messages you thought you’d lose in a disaster aren’t lost at all.

Since VoIP providers typically charge a flat rate each month, you aren’t charged for making outbound calls either. When having to call internationally, this comes as a relief to avoid painful long-distance phone bills.

Rerouting All Essential Services

VoIP consolidates all of your telecommunication systems, which includes fax and email next to voice. Having this together means you can have the most essential elements of your business operations preserved.

Faxes are easily done now through the net, and all emails get stored on a secure cloud server. Nothing gets destroyed, even if the disaster happens to come from an unscrupulous person trying to bring your business down.

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