How Hosted VoIP Will Lower Your Call Center Overhead

Hosted VoIP systems usually get thought of as being relegated to office settings. While that’s true for the most part, specific parts of an office can sometimes find more benefits using VoIP. Call centers are a good example of this considering inbound and outbound calls perhaps make up most of your business activity.

Managing a call center is never easy to begin with, though making sure your employees work efficiently is as important as how your customers get treated. A hosted VoIP solution can make this happen through the myriad features each provider brings.

Technology trends show hosted VoIP will likely become more ubiquitous in call centers this year. It’s proving how fast VoIP systems are growing and getting used in places that haven’t been adequately tapped until now.

With a hosted VoIP solution, your call center can step up to a new plateau where managing phone calls becomes so much easier. Further, you can avert technical disasters, plus enhance customer service in ways you hadn’t considered.

Improving Customer Service

A hosted VoIP system works through the cloud, which is already an advantage for a call center. First, the cloud can store almost limitless amounts of data, with consistent scalability possible. As a result, data gets accessed at will on numerous devices.

Since your call center may have primary residence at your business headquarters, call agents can find instant data on customers as they call in. Any new data easily gets entered into the computer and stored with complete security.

As you get an influx of inbound calls, customers want quick access to information if they’ve called before. Agents know their name, what occurred in prior calls, and any other pertinent info needed. It eliminates having to leave the line to find something perhaps stored in another department database.

As customer service, this is as good as it gets. Nevertheless, there are still plenty more VoIP offers for call centers to gain more freedom and convenience.

Creating a More Mobile Call Center

Why not let your call center agents become more mobile? It’s possible with VoIP thanks to the ability to create extensions on any mobile device. These extensions connect your main business number to a smartphone so the agent can receive and make calls from any location.

Now if a call agent isn’t able to make it into work, they can still take calls from home. Plus, if they need to make cold calls to prospective customers, they can outside the office. Any voice messages left from customer leads go instantly to email so they’re never missed.

In turn, this creates a more healthy work environment and fosters more productivity. To make this mobility easier, VoIP providers usually offer wireless headsets so moving around the office can occur as well.

Protection From Disasters

Because you’re choosing a hosted VoIP solution, you have full monitoring from a remote and dedicated team. They keep watch on your phone systems to make sure you’re safe from cyber threats or any technical issues.

More so, you’re protected from disasters using a hosted option. All your call data is instantly retrievable from the cloud if your headquarters becomes decimated in a natural cataclysm. You won’t lose anything, because you won’t have any physical equipment to lose. Even if you lose the wireless headsets, they’re easy to replace and have virtually no cost.

Your call center can get back up and running the same day without missing a beat, which is essential when you’re experiencing a sudden influx of callers.

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