Escaping the Burden of Using Physical Phone Equipment with Hosted PBX

Choosing a hosted VOIP PBX solution in your business already removes numerous burdens if you’ve stuck with using analog phone systems. Even though landline phones are older than VoIP technology, habits are sometimes hard to break. You’ve possibly been using landline phones for decades, and you can’t imagine business life without them.

You don’t know what you’re missing, because VoIP takes away many of the phone equipment issues you’ve endured for too long. Some of those problems are ones you’ve merely tolerated.

It’s true that after using certain equipment for years, the liabilities can start to look invisible.

Nevertheless, as business competition increases, you’re probably starting to notice those issues more clearly. Let’s look at the burdens you’ve faced with bulky telecommunications equipment and how VoIP can solve this once and for all.

The Problem with Maintaining Phone Equipment

Landline phones haven’t changed much in appearance from the way they were several decades ago. Even if they use touch-tone buttons and various digital touch-ups, they still take up considerable room on a desk.

They aren’t wireless either, despite the world becoming more wireless every day. Physical phones still have a cord attached to the receiver and require countless wires for plug-ins. This requires hiring technicians to properly connect the phones, not including taking time for training.

Then comes maintenance that can occur more often than you remember. More recently, you’ve maybe had to replace your phones at least once a year and maintained several times annually.

As business increases, more wear and tear on those phones is inevitable. Costs, though, are a big factor in maintaining equipment. Replacing those phones constantly could start to substantially eat into profits.

VoIP systems operate through an existing Internet line so you can finally eliminate physical phones.

The Problem with Maintaining an On-Site Server

What about all that call data you have on customers? If still using landline phones, you probably have a CRM software that stores caller information through an on-site server. Maintaining your own server is a major financial risk on its own.

When something goes wrong with your server, you’re completely responsible for getting it fixed in a timely way. Letting it lag could end up creating excessive downtime. With added repair time, you’ll also lose hundreds or thousands of dollars.

VoIP systems that operate through the cloud let you finally get away from maintaining your own server. Your VoIP provider lets you store all your call data directly through an off-site cloud server where access is available 24/7.

In cases where you have to travel, you can look up any information you need anywhere you have an Internet connection. During disasters as well, you can retrieve your phone system instantly in another location.

Finally Going Wireless

All those endless wires and connection cables are maddening after a while. Having to spend extra time connecting a million devices throughout your company can become impossible to handle. Yet, wireless technology is slowly making this obsolete.

VoIP is at the forefront to help get rid of the messy wire maze. Most VoIP providers give you wireless headsets that let your employees use the phone while standing up or moving around. It eliminates being tied to a desk and holding a corded receiver for hours at a time.

Those old scenes showing stressed workers hunched over cumbersome phones can finally become history. VoIP relieves you of any equipment for full use, including creating extensions so workers can do their jobs on the go or at home.

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