Hosted VOIP PBX: Looking for a Provider That Scales as Your Business Grows

Hosted VOIP PBX systems have become more ubiquitous in companies as they realize having their phones managed remotely creates better efficiency. Having any hosted service is also effective security if any disaster occurs. In the case where a natural disaster happens and wipes out your business, your phone system is safe in the cloud for easy retrieval.

While this can save your business life, hosted VoIP leaves open other doors for the future. The cloud offers so much in safely storing data and providing services. One of its strongest points is its scalability factor.

As your business grows, it may involve baby steps for the long-term. As a result, you may not want every VoIP feature through your provider. Fortunately, most VoIP companies don’t force you to pay for all features offered.

What features should you start with and work up to as you grow? Flexibility is a trait that you should always look for in every VoIP provider so they can accommodate you along your business journey.

Using Automated Services

While you have a dedicated team behind-the-scenes for your hosted VoIP service, they also provide many automated features. One of those is the automated attendant that’s long been a standard. If you’re looking for just basic features, this is usually included first as a way to add professionalism.

When operating a small business on a shoestring, having automated attendants can help lead callers to the right department without experiencing hangups or silence. In addition, these digital assistants complement the role of your real receptionist (if you have one). It can make their job easier when lines get tied up.

Voicemail to email is another great automated feature that can benefit you right away. In the case where a customer or business associate has to leave a message, your employees can access it through email on any mobile device.

Creating Extensions to Reach Specific Employees

Along the way, you may find yourself wanting to let employees work from home or out in the field. This may occur if you’re already feeling growing pains and don’t have much physical room to move around. But communication might become a problem if you’re still using landline phones.

Relying on emails and texting can result in delayed responses to time-sensitive issues. With hosted VoIP, you can create extensions on separate phones. Cell phones get included here so your team can work from home and still be reached through one number.

It works vice versa so they can make outbound calls through your regular business line. As a result, no one will miss calls or miss out being able to talk in real-time.

Through your growth stage, this only helps inspire more loyalty in your growing list of customers.

Using Conferencing Features

Once you progress your business to doing complex business projects, you’re going to need to communicate regularly. It’s impossible to do this with a landline phone because phone companies don’t typically offer very good conferencing abilities. 

Hosted VoIP services use the cloud to help you connect with multiple people at once through voice or video conferencing features. Some services even let you connect dozens of people by voice for the ultimate meeting. Video, though, lets you hold a conference as if meeting in person.

With these abilities, you can start to expand by doing business trips and not worry about meeting in person regularly. Hosting your VoIP lets you focus on your work at hand while the remote team provides everything you need when you need it.

Let us help you find a hosted VoIP provider that can help you reach your next business plateau.

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