Hosted VoIP PBX Phone System: What Does Your Business Need to Know?

Is it way beyond time to upgrade your business’s phone system? Business owners may not always know when is the right time to upgrade the phone system and they may not always know what phone system is right for the workplace. Upgrading a phone system requires a significant amount of time and patience because the upgrade process can be frustrating to some.

Before you have to choose your phone system, you will need to fully evaluate all of your phone needs before making a final decision. Here are some questions you should answer to help you determine if it is time to upgrade your existing phone system.

Your Current Phone System

Is your current phone system less than five years old? Is your phone system older than five years old? A business phone system can typically last a little less than ten years, but you should always go back to evaluate your business phone system at least every two years. If you think the life cycle of your business phone system is coming to an end, you should certainly think about making plans to make an upgrade.

Your Phone’s Features

Is your business phone system missing any features you think could enhance your business? Do you have any unified communications features and voicemail? Do you have the ability to control where calls are directed? Do you have the ability to manage your voicemail messages?

Many people do not realize how important voice messaging is. Voice mail used to be seen as an extra expensive feature for a phone system. When you use a hosted VoIP PBX phone system, you will have the ability to send and receive messages on any device. You will also be able to turn certain features on and off.

The Size Of Your Business

You may think that your small business is not the right size for hosted VoIP PBX services. Well, you no longer have to think this. It does not matter if your business is small or large, you will be able to use a hosted VoIP PBX system to meet the needs of your business. If you have ten people using the phone or a hundred people using the phone, a hosted VoIP phone system is scalable enough for any business.

You will only have to pay for the phones you need at the time, and as your business starts to grow, you will be able to add more phones. You will not have to pay thousands of dollars for a phone system that gives you more than you can handle.

Working Outside The Office

If you have employees working outside the office on a regular basis, you will need a phone system that will allow them to answer phone calls that come into the office. Since a hosted VoIP phone system will be connected to the internet, it will be able to handle outgoing and incoming phone calls. Your employees will not have to worry about missing important phone calls from their clients or customers.

If you think you are outgrowing your current phone system, you should take the necessary time to find the right phone system. Your business’s phone system is the lifeline of your business; you need to make sure your phone system is able to handle the high amount of calls that come into your business on a daily basis.

A hosted VoIP PBX system may be one of the best things that will happen to your business this year. You have a new year to make some great changes to your business. If you would like more information on hosted VoIP PBX, contact us today?

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