Hosted VoIP PBX: Polls Show Many Aren’t Familiar with the Technology

Hosted VoIP PBX is one of the most exciting business technologies now because of its use of the cloud while providing remote management. Yet, new reports are out saying 72% of businesses don’t even know what hosted VoIP is. While they may understand what basic VoIP and PBX systems are, it’s surprising to learn that a hosted solution is so off the radar.

As with managed services, hosted VoIP gives you plenty of features available through the cloud. Like other Internet-based VoIP services, this means having the technology available through your existing Internet line. While this is dependent on proper bandwidth, a better Internet connection means improved management.

While the cloud still faces misunderstood criticism lately due to security issues, remember cloud security is only as good as those who monitor it. A quality VoIP provider takes security on in the same way you’d get with most managed services.

Beyond that, you get security in another way related to overcoming disasters. But hosted VoIP features also reinvent how you communicate with customers and employees.

Flexibility in How You Communicate

If you’re still not familiar with the features of hosted VoIP, the first thing you need to know is how flexible telecommunications are. Thanks to the cloud, you can connect other devices very easily for the best universal communication.

This is essential if you’re working on a critical business project and need to connect with your staff on a daily basis. When you’re too busy to meet in person, doing conferencing on a mobile device is very easy. You can create one extension for smartphones, tablets, and laptops so your entire team can link up.

Conferencing means voice, and even video through some VoIP providers. It means you can communicate with your team anywhere you have an Internet connection to keep yourself in the competitive game.

Storing Data on Customers

Many businesses choose to store the entire contents of their business in the cloud. Having hosted VoIP lets you store essential customer data you can access at will. As customers call in, cloud-stored data comes up automatically on any computer screen.

Having information on who the caller is, plus other personal data, is important to have during business calls. When a customer calls in about a problem, stored info can show what transpired earlier. Your call center employees are going to appreciate having this so they don’t have to place a customer on hold to find info.

Customers appreciate having this data so their time isn’t wasted. They’ll know you’re organized and care about getting problems addressed quickly.

Customers Contacting Employees

Hosted VoIP lets customers reach your employees easily using the extension feature. Now your employees can work from home and still screen calls from important business contacts. Being at home isn’t the only place your employees can use this feature either. Just working in the field, all calls can easily get forwarded to a mobile device.

Plus, all voice messages easily go into the cloud. In the case where a call can’t get taken immediately, an employee can hear a message directly on their smartphones.

Restoring Data During Disasters

No doubt you’ve heard about how the cloud can help restore businesses after disasters. It’s no different with hosted VoIP. A disaster could wipe out your business in one day, but all your phone data stays safe in the cloud. All you’d need to do is access your data in another location with Internet, and your phone systems are there to use again.

Equipment isn’t a loss either because you can use dispensable items like headsets that have minimal cost.

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