Hosted VoIP PBX: What Should Your Business Know?

For a business, one of the most critical factors in determining success between employees, clients, and customers is communication. Traditional PBX is a wired connection that is used to transfer calls. For businesses that have a bigger setup, they may have to invest in a physical server so their business phones can be set up.

However, something has been introduced in recent years. A new form of technology has been introduced, hosted VoIP PBX. When a business uses hosted PBX, an internet connection replaces their telephone lines. When calls need to be routed, the calls will be controlled by a virtual server, instead of a physical server.

There are numerous reasons why your business can benefit from a hosted VoIP PBX solution. Here are some reasons to consider hosted PBX for your business:

Save Money

If your business is looking for ways to save money, then hosted PBX should definitely by high on your list of options. The hosted PBX does not require a great deal of hardware in order for it to operate properly.

When you do not need a significant amount of hardware for a solution, the price will be significantly lower than the alternative that requires a large amount of software. Many businesses find themselves paying significant monthly charges when they use the traditional PBX.

Your business can save a significant amount of money per month and per year when you use a hosted PBX. Depending on the hosted PBX provider you use, you may even receive technical support at no additional charges. When you use traditional PBX, you may find yourself spending additional money on replacing server cables or paying for maintenance.

Better Features

If you are tired of being limited to basic features, you should certainly consider making the switch to hosted PBX. When you used a hosted PBX system, you will be able to use several features, including the following:

  • Call forwarding
  • Internet faxing
  • On hold music
  • Call transfer
  • Three-way calling
  • Call recording

It does not matter how complex your contact center is, a hosted PBX system will be able to handle it. If you need a solution that will be able to withstand the heavy call traffic, a hosted PBX solution is the right one for you.

If you have high expectations for your business and you want to reach new heights, a hosted PBX system will facilitate your connectivity and it will allow your business to establish a great reputation. You will be able to successfully answer all incoming calls from your customers, clients, etc.

The Setup Is Not Complex

If you are ready to improve the productivity of your employees, you need to use a mobile-friendly solution. When you use the traditional PBX system, you are limiting how much your employees can do. The world is more mobile-friendly, and your business needs to find a mobile-friendly solution.

A hosted PBX system gives you plenty of opportunities to be mobile; when you are mobile, you can be more productive and efficient in your work. You can easily install apps on your mobile device and make calls. You will not be limited to one phone; you will be able to use any device that is compatible with your system.

If you want to give your business every chance to succeed, a hosted PBX is the solution you have been looking for. Not only is hosted PBX cost effective, but it is very easy to maintain and it is equipped with a variety of features you need to keep your business operating as smooth as possible.

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