No doubt you’ve heard plenty from others about hosted VOIP or PBX over the years and wondered how it could work for you. If you’re still mystified about what those acronyms mean, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means a phone system provided directly online. PBX stands for private branch exchange, and it’s a system that allows the switching of calls in a company, plus sharing external phone lines.

Both of these technologies come with hosting capabilities for a new approach to how you manage your phone systems. In comparison to on-premise PBX systems, having hosted VoIP means you have someone looking out for you in managing your phones.

If you’ve ever used managed IT solutions, then you know how having a team working remotely can help you through a variety of situations. Hosted VoIP/PBX works much the same way, which can help you and your employees, plus your customers.

Take a look at how having hosted VoIP works and how it can help you save time, money, and reduce headaches when working out in the field.

How Hosting Works

When you choose a quality hosted VoIP provider, you have a dedicated team working remotely who can monitor your systems 24/7 through your Internet line. This type of management process is something you may prefer rather than having IT technicians always budding in at the wrong times to take care of issues.

In most cases, it means your hosting providers weeding out any problems before you even notice them. This keeps your phones (and mobile devices) running optimally at all times, and being reliable during heavy phone traffic times.

If you rely strictly on inbound calls for most of your sales, hosted VoIP can help you conquer all technical problems early to prevent possible downtime.

No Up-Front Costs

In the chance you’re still using landline phones, you already know how much of a burden it is to keep up the expense of maintenance. When you first set up those phones, you probably incurred an up-front cost to get all the wiring done correctly and for tutorials.

Thanks to hosted VoIP storing all call data in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about up-front costs on equipment. Setup gets done in a short time through the existing Internet line you already have. This already sets you off on the right foot without having to lay out a fortune just to get started.

Afterward, you can enjoy paying a flat rate every month so you don’t get stuck with surprise fees. Even so, it still pays to look carefully at your service level agreement from each VoIP provider to make sure you’re not stuck in a contract.

Upgrading and Scalability

As your business grows, expenses only grow when you have to upgrade physical landline phones. Using those in your office already means having to update them at least once a year, and there isn’t any way to accommodate the exponential growth of your company.

Having your phone system hosted online means you have a wide open field to expand when you need to. The cloud is very scalable so you can hold more data and enjoy more features when you need them to help manage your company expansion.

Any other updates you need are automatically applied without you having to even think about it. That’s especially useful if you have concerns about security. Using the cloud is only as good as the monitoring you have, and a dedicated hosted VoIP team behind the scenes can eliminate more than half of your business worries.

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