Hosted VOIP: What Built-In Features Are Available to Help Your Business Thrive?

You still see much debate whether hosted VOIP services are the best investment when some services like Skype offer free VoIP features. Those who argue this case don’t really realize free VoIP has certain limitations that might be fine for those with simple business call needs. Conversely, hosted VoIP gives you more built-in features specifically designed to make all businesses function more efficiently.

What’s great about this is you won’t have to pay extra to get those features. When compared to paying a regular monthly bill from a landline phone company, VoIP is an extreme bargain. You get many outstanding features for just a flat-rate per month, hence getting you away from the excess fees seen in landline and cell phone bills.

The important thing is tapping into this vast resource of features and finding ones to help your business thrive. Hosted VoIP systems give you specific features you can start using right away to communicate better and give you a leg up on competitors.

Large Voicemail Systems

As your company grows, it’s going to require taking more voicemails when you’re not immediately available. While VoIP already provides extensions on mobile devices, it doesn’t mean every employee is able to answer immediately. As you drive or travel, you can’t afford to miss out on an important business deal just because you can’t answer a call.

Hosted VoIP expands on voicemail, including sending it directly to email. That way you or any staff member can quickly hear the message through their personal email server without having to call in and enter a code.

Hosted VoIP has many features to help business of every size.

Plus, hosted VoIP service works through the cloud, giving you plenty of storage space for phone data. You’ll have more memory space to store voicemails when you have an influx of calls every day. But messages are completely organized and easy to play without losing any of them.

Better Conferencing Ability

Having a free VoIP service from Skype above doesn’t always give you the best conferencing features. Voice conferencing is usually standard through most providers, yet a hosted platform provides extra features like allowing numerous people into the conference. When in-person meetings just aren’t in the cards, voice conferencing with digital audio helps you coordinate important projects.

The more employees you can conference with through your VoIP service, the more you can get everyone on the same page about your creative ideas. Using video conferencing helps this even more, and it’s usually available through many hosted VoIP providers. Because you’re using the cloud, you have room to add more people to the conference, including dozens more through some services.

In some circles, you might see this feature named video call, which can change how you communicate with customers as well.

More Reliability from Hosted Services

There isn’t any better feature than knowing your VoIP service is reliable and won’t place you in jeopardy when a disaster occurs. Hosted VoIP service has continual remote monitoring as another benefit so any technical issues get fixed immediately.

When disasters hit, all of your phone data is in the cloud for easy retrieval when the power goes out. Anywhere you can find an Internet connection, you’ll get your hosted service back into operation the same day.

Hosted services give you superior technical support as well so you and your employees receive help on various features. One thing you’ll discover is VoIP features are sometimes overwhelming and more numerous than you expect. Having good support and training to help you get the best of each feature is the true way to make VoIP the best investment you can make.

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