Hosted VOIP: Your Telecommunication Equivalent of Managed Services

Hosted VOIP continues being one of the fastest-growing telecommunications technologies in the world. When VoIP combines with hosted PBX, it becomes an even more powerful tool in providing enhanced communication features. Yet, any type of hosted technology has numerous benefits that takes away the burden of having to keep an in-house tech team on a payroll.

Cutting costs is always a reality for companies, and you’re maybe faced with having to let some of your IT team go. With that, you no longer have a tech management team available to keep things running optimally.

A hosted VoIP solution can stand in for this, and you’ll see why it’s similar to what you’ve had before.

If you’ve ever used managed services in the past, you know about how it works remotely through your Internet line. Hosted VoIP works the same, though you have even more advantages here for both business efficiency and security.

Your Dedicated Team Behind the Scenes

In recent years, tech teams may have frustratingly taken over your office to repair technical problems. At times, it was possibly obstructive, especially on overly busy days when working on a critical project.

Having downtime like this can become risky in a time when competition is more intense. You need every minute available to work, including having reliable technology.

A hosted VoIP solution gives you a dedicated team in another location. They’re available online to make sure your telecommunications keep working at all times. Whether it’s inbound or outbound calls, you’ll have a new way to communicate with customers and employees.

Maintaining Proper Customer Communication

VoIP already enhances how you communicate with customers. Your remote team makes sure all call data stays secure and without glitches. As your call center takes calls from customers, personal data gets stored in a cloud server for instant access. This allows your call agents to get a better handle on calls without having to place someone on hold to find information.

Hosted solutions take security seriously, so that private customer data is always protected. Your customers will also appreciate you having access to instant information. This is important to nurture more loyalty with first-time callers.

Because VoIP also lets you set up extensions (including on mobile devices), customers can reach you or your other employees at any time. When your employees work from home, it means they’ll never miss an important business call.

Enhancing Employee Communication

Communicating with your employees on a real-time level is more important than ever in a more competitive era of business. Hosted VoIP works through the cloud so you can connect through features like voice and video conferencing. 

These extras help when your entire team has to travel separately for sales purposes. You’ll never have to meet in person again since the extension feature means you can contact a specific employee anywhere they have Internet access. 

Even within an office, VoIP’s extensions make communication faster in each department. No more will you have to call individual numbers to reach someone, or wait for a voice mail response. Through the cloud, anyone can hear their voice mails through an email message.

Protection During Disasters

Hosted VoIP helps store your entire phone contents in the cloud so it’s retrievable during a disaster. When you don’t have an on-site server to care for, a natural disaster won’t put you out of business. Wherever you have Internet access, you can get your phones back up and running with your behind-the-scenes provider team back in place.

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