How Business Phone VoIP Services can Increase Productivity

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services can help your business become more productive and accomplish more. With advanced phone features that are readily accessible and available, you can easily grow your organization and scale to the needs of your company. VoIP phone services are inexpensive and available even to smaller businesses, making it possible for every organization to take advantage of these features. By transmitting phone signals via the Internet instead of through the copper wire networks of traditional phone services companies, a significant saving is generated and organizations can access better phone services without sacrificing on cost-effectiveness.

In this article, we will introduce some of the ways VoIP can help your business improve productivity and become more effective as an organization. Throughout the article, we will offer examples and ideas that may help your company improve if you apply these ideas carefully and thoughtfully.

By the end of the article, we will help your organization come up with questions and ideas for improvement. If you are still looking for additional guidance, Top10VoIP offers a large selection of relevant articles and ideas on our website that may be helpful to companies at every stage of the VoIP implementation and use process. Whether you are completely new to VoIP or have been using it for years, there is probably something for you on our website that can inspire and guide you.

Article Contents:

  1. Making Your Organization More Productive
  2. Using VoIP to Help with Productivity
  3. Advanced Features
  4. Will VoIP Make My Business More Efficient?
  5. Additional Considerations

Getting started with VoIP can be a smart move for your organization, helping you save money on the costs of phone service and access better features. Your business can get more done at a lower cost than what traditional phone service offers, because phone companies are able to save money on the cost of maintaining VoIP systems–internet access allows data and communications to be transmitted without the use of copper wire networks.

1. Making Your Organization More Productive

To make your company more productive, you will need to consider how your organization is currently operating and look for areas that can be improved. What is taking too long, is too inefficient, too frustrating, or too difficult as it is right now? These are sources of pain for your organization, and they need to be addressed or eliminated altogether. It is best to start with the places that hurt the most and start making a list. This will give you places to begin your search.

From there, you should start applying what you know about operational efficiency and function. Are there places you can apply a quick fix? Are there problems that can be quickly and effectively eliminated? What can you change right now that would make a difference for your organization? Sometimes, these are quick and mostly painless fixes. Sometimes, they reflect a more significant need or a bigger problem. If there is a bigger problem, it may involve more than one step to solve.

You need to get your employees involved, too, in looking at how your organization operates and in looking for operational efficiencies. If they can help you keep track, you can get more done and identify problem areas faster.

2. Using VoIP to Help with Productivity

You can use your VoIP system’s basic and advanced features to help your organization become more productive. Your VoIP system can help you get more done particularly if contact center communications are an important part of your company’s operations. By improving how your company communications operates, your organization can improve call productivity and get more accomplished. You can make an impact at your organization and win more business, which can make a big difference.

VoIP can help you create your own business communications system. Using text, phone communications and chat, you can communicate quickly with your coworkers, clients and management. This can help you become more efficient and productive.

3. Advanced Features

VoIP’s advanced features can handle things such as call routing to make your business more efficient. You can have calls routed to the most effective agents or to the employees who have the most experience with a specific topic. You can handle customer calls more effectively and this can help improve your productivity. You can have calls forwarded to remote workers, sent to different departments and routed around more efficiently, which can help your business to accomplish more.

These features were previously only accessible through more expensive phone service. These types of services were available only to businesses that could afford high-cost phone services. Now, even very small businesses can afford phone services that include features like conference calling for large numbers of users, making it easier to accomplish more at your organization. Advanced features can help you have a wide range of employees and others working together as a group, making it easier for companies to function together. You can work as a group with a VoIP plan and get so much more done than you ever thought possible. You may be surprised what the features of VoIP service plans can help you accomplish. Over time, VoIP may actually help you become more profitable and more effective.

4. Will VoIP Make My Business More Efficient?

VoIP can help your business become more efficient, which in turn can help your organization grow and become more profitable. You can communicate quickly, which helps remove some of the barriers associated with businesses staying productive and functioning well. You can improve your organization’s success quickly by intervening in how your departments communicate. With analytics and call data, you can track and study agent performance to find areas where you can make meaningful improvements.

While there is no way to promise that VoIP absolutely will make your organization more effective, you can improve how your company operates and in turn benefit your business efficiency.

5. Additional Considerations

As you consider embracing VoIP at your organization, you may find that operational efficiencies become an ongoing perk of using VoIP technology. You should carefully consider the types of equipment, the vendor you use and the ways you use this technology. When you begin shopping for vendors, carefully think about the types of services and VoIP features you may need, such as:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Queuing
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Groups
  • Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  • Music on Hold
  • Directory Assistance
  • Auto Dialing

With auto-dialing, for instance, you have had the VoIP system automatically call numbers from a list so you can do telemarketing. Your phone system continues on dialing new numbers until a call connects with a person on the other line, and then the call is sent to an agent. This way, no time is wasted waiting for someone to pick up the phone. The agent does not waste any time, so the phone system is able to continue making calls quickly and according to a schedule. This saves time and makes it significantly more effective to manage a phone system. Of course, you do have to make sure that your list of numbers is created according to local and national laws. Including the laws designed to reduce spam. This includes following do not call lists, for instance.

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