How Does VoIP Encourage Your Employees to Do More Collaboration?

No doubt you’ve read and heard plenty about how Voice over Internet Protocol technology saves you money and time. All of this is true if you’re still on the fence about using VoIP technology. However, there’s so much more about what it does that we don’t see covered enough.

One thing you perhaps didn’t think of is VoIP inspires work staff to become more productive and collaborative. This happens when they have the technology they can use with ease and without a struggle.

With VoIP, it’s quick to set up and simple to use immediately without extensive training. It doesn’t require bulky equipment, and it only uses your existing Internet line to provide a fast and reliable digital phone system. When you add a cloud-based VoIP service, you get a whole other set of possibilities to make your business run more optimally.

All of this should inspire your employees toward wanting to collaborate more. If your wish is to see this happen, take a look at how VoIP can help them do this without technological fear.

Connecting All Your Departments

Before the age of VoIP, it was sometimes a more cumbersome process to send messages to other departments within a company. In past decades, it often meant having to send memos from an office assistant. Later, email became standard, even if that was slightly impersonal.

Doing this by landline phone only ties up your line and doesn’t always guarantee an immediate reply. Since many employees have to work away from the desk, trying to collaborate on a project is virtually impossible through a standard phone line.

VoIP changes all of this by easily connecting all your departments through direct extensions. It means being able to quickly call them wherever they are in the building and pass on information when it’s necessary.

This works better with VoIP because the only equipment employees use is wireless headsets. Now your team can move around the office and collaborate without being tied to their desks.

Creating Extensions on Mobile Devices for Field Collaboration

You can put your cell phones to better use by using extension apps available through many VoIP providers. These bring a new way to collaborate without everyone having to assemble for meetings at your company headquarters.

Employees who’ve long wished to do their work at home can finally do so while never missing out on important business projects. When you need to confer with an employee working in the field or at home, you can call them using the specified extension.

They can easily reach you as well by using your direct business number. If any of your staff had reluctance about trying to collaborate by phone before, they’ll feel compelled to with VoIP tech making it easy.

Collaboration Through Conferencing

Voice conferencing is a standard with many VoIP systems. This is superior for collaborations because digital audio makes it easy to communicate without technical problems. Plus, voice conferencing allows multiple users on the line at once to mimic the feel of an in-person meeting.

The same works for video conferencing, which is a growing feature through VoIP companies. Since you’re using a high-speed Internet line, you’re already getting a major upgrade in video quality from what you used a decade ago. It makes visual collaboration all the easier so there isn’t any confusion on project details.

How many people you can use in a video conference varies by provider, though the best ones make it possible to collaborate with more than a dozen people.

What’s important here is to find the best VoIP service available, and this takes the time you don’t have.

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