How to Achieve Customer Experience Excellence with VoIP

There are some great ways to improve customer experiences with VoIP. Focusing on creating a great customer service experience ensures that customers will come back, again and again, to interact with your business. It’s vital to ensure that your organization is putting its best foot forward and portraying a good image to the public. VoIP offers a great variety of tools that can help you accomplish this.

By allowing you to gain access to advanced phone service features and by empowering your organization to get more done, your VoIP service can help you be more productive and achieve so much more than you probably thought was possible. VoIP features are designed to support your business efforts and this definitely includes the work of business outreach. Your organization can monitor and analyze calls like never before to ensure that quality and customer service standards are being met with every contact you have with others.

To learn how your business can use VoIP features to offer a better customer service experience, keep reading. There are many practical steps you can take to make a great impression and deliver the experience your customers deserve to have every day.

Article Contents:

  1. Customer Service Excellence
  2. VoIP Features That Support Your Business
  3. Evaluating and Improving

Since your phone system is one of the main ways you can communicate with your customers and with the public, it’s essential that you use the best your VoIP system has to offer to make the right impression and move your customer service experience forward.

1. Customer Service Excellence

With the level of competition defining so many different industries today, looking for more ways to stand out is important. Customer service is a really important way to distinguish your organization from others within the same industry. You can’t always compete on price and features since there are often many other competitors who can cheaply deliver a product. Price competition often only serves to drive everyone in a race to the bottom and can become unsustainable as well as unprofitable very quickly.

Even if you do use price competition as a business strategy, providing great service can help you win over new customers and prevent existing customers from leaving. For many industries, it’s so expensive to find new customers that it is often more worthwhile to keep current customers than it is to spend the same dollars on advertising and hoping to win a new sale.

Since many people call companies when they have a problem or are unhappy, customer service via phone provides a unique opportunity to engage directly with customers that your business is at risk of losing. This is your opportunity to win them over, or at least to defuse the situation and resolve their frustration so they don’t take it out on your product or service.

2. VoIP Features That Support Your Business

In support of your customer service goals, there are several features that represent unique assets to your business. We’ll review a few of them and talk about why they’re important to your organization. We’ll also show you how to use them to improve your customer service experience.

Phone Frustrations

An easy area for VoIP to really excel at is in minimizing phone-related frustrations your customers experience when they call you. These range from minor annoyances to serious deal-breakers for some customers:

  • Bad Call Quality: VoIP is now just as good if not better than traditional landline telephone service, so using VoIP service can help you avoid the quality problems that frustrate your callers.
  • Waiting and Being On Hold: Some of this is certainly inevitable, but whatever you can do to reduce the time your callers spend on hold will really help customer experience. VoIP analytics can give you this at-a-glance information.
  • Unresolved Issues: Callers fully expect to have their problems solved while on the phone. Leaving the call and marking it “resolved” when the caller isn’t happy or didn’t get answers isn’t doing your customer experience any favors.
  • Wrong Agent: It’s frustrating to get the wrong person when you call or have your call answered by a badly-trained agent who can’t actually help you. Being matched to the wrong person often results in being sent back through the call queue again, which is a painful experience for many callers.

VoIP Solutions

VoIP gives you a number of tools to tackle these problems. While there’s never a guarantee you can make every caller happy, you can certainly improve your customer service rankings by intelligently applying these tools and learning from your analytical results and metrics:

  • Queuing: You can monitor the queue and see how long customers are waiting. This helps you determine if you need additional staffing or should adjust department phone line numbers.
  • IVRs and Auto Attendants: Manage incoming calls so callers are matched to the right agent quickly and don’t have to spend too much time waiting. Avoid sending them to a number of different agents by having the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system ask the right questions.
  • Monitor: While agents are in the middle of a call, you can monitor what they are saying. Many systems also support features allowing you to enter the call yourself or nudge the agent with ideas and feedback while they’re on the call–the customer doesn’t have to know what’s happening, as you can hide your feedback so it’s only accessible to the individual agent.
  • Conferencing: If you need multiple team members to resolve a tough customer issue or if you want to bring a supervisor on the line during a call, you can create a conference so the customer has multiple people working on the problem. This can also help prevent shuffling customers around from one agent to another. Instead, have the customer problem solved at one time and during a single call.

3. Evaluating and Improving

As you go along, it’s important to recognize possible changes and work to implement them. Taking an attitude of continuous improvement is essential to providing the best possible customer experiences. Look for ways you can “wow” your customers and make the process of contacting you easier. Collect feedback and actually apply it! Use what you hear to train new agents and provide ongoing education to current employees. Whenever possible, it can also be helpful to ask the agents themselves to provide suggestions. Insights provided from the front lines of customer service can help you refine what you do and find out-of-the-box solutions to pressing problems.

  • Carefully guide your agents through their scripts. Get feedback on these scripts and revise accordingly–you want to be sure these scripts come across as polite and considerate.
  • Encourage your top-performers to help with training and reward them for doing so. Make excellence in customer service an attractive goal so agents are motivated to strive for it.

By taking advantage of VoIP tools and features, you can improve your customer service experience and find ways to keep improving. Seeing how much of an impact service has on businesses, there’s plenty of reasons to strive for higher levels of excellence and to keep going. It’s worth it!

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