How to Call Austria from the U.S.A.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has some unique advantages for people looking to make international calls, including phone calls to Austria from the United States. If you want to call Austria for personal or business reasons, read on for tips and information about using VoIP service to save money and gain access to better tools and resources for your international calls. We think you will be impressed and amazed by what VoIP enables you to accomplish. It can help you be more productive, communicate with friends and family and more.

Article Contents:

  1. How VoIP is Different and Can Help You Call Austria
  2. Placing International Calls: A Step-by-Step Guide
  3. Choosing the Right VoIP Service, Implementing Your Phones and More

In this article, we will help you get started with calling Austria and learning how to use your new VoIP plan to make international calls. We will even provide you with some information about choosing a VoIP vendor and identifying the features you will need in your service plan.

By the end of the article, you should have a better understanding of how to use VoIP and what it can help you accomplish that traditional phone service cannot. Our website has a variety of different articles to help you compare service plans and vendors, so if you still have questions after this article, we have a rich variety of information that can enable you to plan your own telecommunications strategy. Even if you just want to place personal calls now and then and do not plan to use an extensive telecommunications solution, there is a VoIP plan out there that can help you accomplish your goals. Read on to learn more.

What are Some Advantages of Using VoIP to Call Austria?

  • Convenience—Even though it is a different type of phone plan from traditional phone service, VoIP is still convenient and easy to use.
  • Affordable—Save money on your phone service minutes and features. There are a variety of vendors and plans available, too, making it even cheaper than you probably thought possible for you to call Austria from the US.
  • Incredible Features—Gain access to more features and functionality, since you can do more with VoIP plans than you can with traditional phone service. For businesses in particular, this means access to great features such as voicemail-to-email transcription services, electronic fax and phone queues. You can create your own call center and have calls routed to different phones, agents and locations.
  • Portable—Your service is incredibly portable, so you can take it anywhere with you and avoid the need to change phone numbers if you switch services. VoIP goes with you anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Equipment Variety—Get the equipment you need and even bring existing phones into a new service. You can also use traditional phones that are designed for analog phone service plans.

VoIP service is usually substantially cheaper than traditional phone service. This is because VoIP works differently than other phone service plans. VoIP phone companies offer their services at a lower cost, allowing you to make calls to other countries and still get a really great rate on your phone minutes. It is very worthwhile for people who make a lot of international calls consistently.

1. How VoIP is Different and Can Help You Call Austria

A lot of people are unfamiliar with VoIP, so we will provide a brief overview of what it is and how it works. This technology is not entirely new, but more people than ever before have access to it. Almost every day, new telecommunications companies launch VoIP services. It is a very exciting time for VoIP but it can also create some confusion as consumers and businesses try to keep up and figure out which plan is best for them.

VoIP is different from traditional phone service. Plain old telephone service (POTS) works by using copper wire networks spanning thousands of miles around the world to send voice signals. As these networks age, the wiring requires maintenance and ongoing repairs and upgrades. This maintenance is very expensive. This is one big reason, actually, why in many locations there are only a few phone companies, and why phone company monopolies occurred very quickly. It is easier for large companies to cover the costs of investing in these expensive copper networks. VoIP does not use these networks at all, unless it calls a phone already in this network. In that case, VoIP calls are connected to the POTS network for the last portion of the connection, since POTS phones have no other way to receive phone calls.

Instead, VoIP uses the Internet to route phone traffic. The Internet’s reach is global and it is fast, cheap and efficient. Since VoIP companies use this network instead of the POTS network, maintenance costs are basically very minimal. With low costs, VoIP is an industry companies can enter with low investment costs and these vendors can pass their savings directly to customers.

How does this help you call Austria? Well, Austria is a European country that is considerably distant from the US, so that distance must be covered by a POTS wire network in order to place a traditional phone call. VoIP cuts away that distance and allows you to save money on your calls to Austria. The result is affordable international phone service.

2. Placing International Calls: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you call outside the US, you need more than just an area code and phone number. You actually have to leave the US phone system, whether you are calling Austria or another country entirely. To leave the American phone system, you must dial 011. This communicates to your phone that the number you dial next will be outside the US.

From there, you will dial 43. This is Austria’s country code. After that, you can dial the area code and phone number you want to reach.

Calling Austria:

  • Dial 011
  • Dial 43
  • Dial the area code and phone number
  • Begin talking!

3. Choosing the Right VoIP Service, Implementing Your Phones and More

If you are looking for a new VoIP service, first stop and think about your needs. Asking yourself the following questions may help:

  • “How much do calls to Austria cost under this plan?”—If you need VoIP only for international calls to Austria, make sure your phone vendor covers international phone calls and find out what the rate is for calling Austria. It is probably more expensive than domestic calls inside the US, but will still probably save you money.
  • “Do I need business features?”—If you are calling friends and family but do not need business features, virtual extensions or premium functionality, you can probably save money on your plan by picking a simpler option.
  • “Do I want to pay monthly or am I willing to pay yearly?”—Paying for an annual plan can save you money, but you might want to try a service before making a year-long commitment. It is up to you.
  • “What type of phone do I want to use?”—With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plans, you can bring your own phones, as long as they are compatible with the service. Using an analog telephone adapter (ATA), you can actually bring in your analog telephones.

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