How to Call Brazil from the U.S.A. 

Calling Brazil does not have to be really expensive. With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you can easily and cheaply place calls directly to phone numbers in Brazil without paying large bills for phone service. Historically, phone service was very expensive, particularly if you needed to call international phone numbers. Now, a technology called VoIP has made it easier for phone calls to be placed and connected, transmitting phone calls as data over the Internet.

In this article, we will show you how to call Brazil from inside the United States without spending a large sum of money on equipment or expensive phone services. We will introduce how VoIP works and help you decide what types of services you need. We will also show you how to call Brazil and connect with phone numbers using your VoIP service and the right country codes.

Article Contents:

  1. What is VoIP?
  2. How Does VoIP Service Help Me Call Brazil from the U.S.A?
  3. How Do I Get Started with VoIP Service?

Now, anyone with an Internet connection, the right phone equipment and access to a VoIP service provider can quickly and easily call phone numbers more efficiently than ever before. It is a wonderful development you can begin taking advantage of yourself, whether you call Brazil for personal or business reasons.

Advantages of Calling Brazil Using VoIP Service:

  • Low-Cost Phone Calls—Even international calls are much cheaper thanks to VoIP service. These systems change how phones work and enable your calls to skip over the old, expensive and inefficient networks that traditional phone service uses.
  • Portable Phone Service—You will experience greater portability with your VoIP plan, because you will be able to bring your phone service with you when you travel. Away from your desk, away from home or away from the country, you can log-in online and access your phone service. This way, you can avoid missing out on using your phone and making the calls you need to make.
  • Easy and Friendly Features—You can use your phone service to access new and exciting phone features. You can save money on traditional phone features, too. And, if you are obtaining phone service for your business, you can use these features to become more productive and expand.
  • Scalable—If your phone needs change, you can easily adjust your service and adapt your plan, so you are not stuck with something you do not need. VoIP also allows you to access advanced features and equipment without necessarily needing to buy additional equipment, spend extensive money on infrastructure or lose out on investment in complex systems.
  • Call Landline Phones—These systems connect to the public phone system and allow you to call phones in Brazil, even if those phones are landline handsets. Your call recipients do not need specialized equipment to receive calls from you.
  • Use a Variety of Equipment—If you need something more than a basic handset or headset, a variety of different phones and different types of phone equipment are available. Your options are increased, often dramatically, when you have access to VoIP service.

1. What is VoIP?

VoIP uses the Internet instead of copper wiring, which can save phone companies on the cost of maintaining phone networks. Instead, an Internet connection is all that is needed. Data is packaged for transport using the Internet, and servers relay the information efficiently. When call data arrives at the destination, the other phone unpacks the call and creates a voice signal. This is a very powerful system, enabling more efficient call transmission and empowering VoIP subscribers to accomplish more with their phone systems. The savings VoIP providers generate is also part of the service’s benefits, and these savings can be passed along to the subscribers directly.

This type of system can help you call Brazil quickly and easily. You can save money and gain access to advanced features to help with productivity, service portability and other functionality. VoIP offers incredibly-rich features that can help empower your personal or business phone calls.

2. How Does VoIP Service Help Me Call Brazil from the U.S.A?

You can quickly begin using your VoIP service to call Brazil by following the steps and advice we provide you with in this guide. It is generally pretty easy to start making phone calls. Once you have the number you plan to call, follow our guide and that will take care of the rest.

Steps to Call Brazil from the United States:

  • First, dial the exit code for the United States phone system. It is 011. This code allows you to prepare for calling outside the US.
  • Then, dial 55 to connect into Brazil’s phone system. From there, you can begin calling a Brazilian phone number.
  • Dial the area code for the Brazilian number. Usually, it is two digits long.
  • Dial the phone number, which should be eight digits.
  • Begin talking and enjoy your conversation! You now successfully called Brazil.

With these steps, you can call numbers in Brazil from any VoIP plan that supports international calls to Brazil. Make sure Brazil is included in whatever plan you choose, so there are no surprises. Be sure to ask how much minutes are, since the charge for international minutes may vary tremendously from service to service.

3. How Do I Get Started with VoIP Service?

Think about the features you need, first. If you are planning to make personal calls only, then you may only need a basic plan with international calling. If you need a business communications system that can contact Brazilian numbers, then you may need additional features that enable functionality such as sorting calls into queues, advanced call management or other features. These plans may cost more, but they can also enable you to get more done, so for many businesses it is well worth any added costs.

To begin, identify vendors you may be interested in working with. Our website can help you with reviews and guides on the best VoIP vendors. We let you know what their features are and help you compare them, so you can make the best possible decision for your needs.

Once you have a service, you can begin choosing a plan and equipment with help from your vendor. They can provide guidance on how to get the services you need and choose compatible phones. Do not buy a phone before choosing a vendor, if possible. Vendors often have special discounts and are able to offer deals to help you access great equipment for rent or purchase. It is worthwhile to wait until you already have a vendor before making these types of decisions so you do not get the wrong equipment.

You Will Need:

  • A phone—This could be an analog phone, IP phone or softphone. You can even use your smartphone, typically.
  • An Internet connection
  • A VoIP plan
  • An analog telephone adapter (ATA) if you plan to use a traditional landline phone. These adapters connect landline phones to VoIP service so you do not need to get a different phone, necessarily. You can use a phone you are already comfortable with.

In no time, you can begin calling Brazil from the United States and save money on your phone calls. You can also gain features, which is an added plus.

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