How to Call China from the U.S.A.

To call China from the United States, you can use VoIP service. It will probably save you money and help you gain access to advanced calling features you otherwise would not have. If you are not already familiar with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), then you may be completely amazed at what this revolutionary technology can do to help you communicate. There are many different reasons people may want to call China, and no matter the reason, there is probably a great VoIP service out there that can help you make your calls and stay in contact.

Calling China is much cheaper and more efficient with a VoIP service, which can reduce your costs and make it easier than ever before to stay in touch with friends, call relatives or conduct whatever business you need to do.

How to Call China with VoIP:

  • Choose a VoIP service that fits your needs. You can choose from a wide variety of different vendors and plans.
  • Obtain the equipment you need.
  • Use the appropriate country code and equipment to call China phone numbers through your VoIP plan.

VoIP uses the Internet to transmit voice call data, dramatically reducing the costs associated with phone service. This can generate significant savings for you and empower you to get more done with less. Whether your calls are for business or personal communications, VoIP can make calling China a much more enjoyable and easy process.

Article Contents:

  1. What is VoIP Service?
  2. How Does VoIP Help Me Call China from the U.S.A.?
  3. How Do I Get Started with VoIP Service?

In this article, we will help you decide what you need for a VoIP service, understand how VoIP works and learn how to use VoIP services to make phone calls to China from inside the United States. We walk you through the process to make it easier and tell you a little bit about the equipment and types of connections you need. In a short time, you can begin making phone calls and communicating with phone numbers in China.

Advantages of Using VoIP to Call China:

  • Save Money On Minutes—You can save a lot of money on minutes when you use VoIP service to call China. While it is still usually more expensive to call China from the United States than it would be to place domestic calls within the United States, you can still generate significant and very real savings that can help you budget your phone service and make communication more affordable.
  • Very Portable—Your phone service can travel with you, whether your travels are domestic or overseas. You can call China away from your home or office and still keep your phone number. This can help you avoid missing anything. Your service is still there wherever you actually need it.
  • Easy to Use—VoIP phone service is not overly technical. It can be very simple to get started and begin calling China. You can also use VoIP for your domestic calls, other international calls, and any uses you would need a phone service for.
  • Feature-Rich—These plans offer a lot of different features you can use in your phone calls. If you need additional features for your business or personal calling needs, most VoIP vendors are ready to help. They can offer a variety of different features to power your phone calls.

1. What is VoIP Service?

With this revolutionary phone technology, call data is packaged to travel over the Internet and then Internet connections are used to transport phone calls. Calls are connected with the help of powerful Internet servers that add a layer of security and also enable the VoIP functionality to work. Session Internet Protocol (SIP), a common language used to help communicate VoIP service over the Internet, allows the computers running the Internet to speak to each other. SIP trunking allows phone calls to be connected into the public phone grid, and this service is usually offered by VoIP vendors. They can help you gain access using the cloud hosted service they offer, or you can buy specialized equipment to help perform this function.

If you are using your VoIP service to make personal phone calls to China, then you probably do not need extensive features with your VoIP service. Many more complex VoIP features are designed for businesses. If you are getting your phone plan for business calls to China, then these features may help with productivity and can help you connect your employees and reach your customers.

2. How Does VoIP Help Me Call China from the U.S.A.?

To connect VoIP calls to China, you will need a VoIP service from a reputable vendor. On our site, we have a variety of guides and reviews helping you make vendor decisions. It is important to think about what you need and shop around for the right vendor for your needs.

VoIP service, since it connects your calls over the Internet, you have a great degree of flexibility and adaptability with your phone service. Following the steps provided in this guide, you can quickly begin placing calls to China from inside the US and save money at the same time.

Steps to Call China from Inside the United States Using VoIP:

  • Obtain a VoIP plan and equipment
  • Begin your call. Dial 011 first, which is the exit code for the United States.
  • Dial 86, which is the entry code for the phone system in China.
  • Dial the phone number and you will be connected to another phone in China, whether it is a landline or VoIP phone.

Using these steps, you can begin quickly making phone calls to China. It can help you to stay in touch with friends or family or even conduct business in China from the United States, via phone. You can also make travel arrangements or call China for other reasons.

3. How Do I Get Started with VoIP Service?

To get started with VoIP and begin saving money on calls to China, you will need a VoIP vendor. You also need to choose a VoIP plan. Thankfully, a variety of plans and services are available. You can get services that are customized to your needs. A wide range of pricing is also on the market, making it easier to budget for the right phone plan. Plans that charge by the minute are the most common with international services in many cases, but you may also be able to find an unlimited plan, too.

You will need the right equipment and software, too. Your exact needs will depend on the vendor, plan and service you choose as well as the options you need. If you need additional service, your plan may be more expensive. If you plan to bring your own equipment or device (BYOD), then you may need to find a vendor that offers support for your specific phone or system. Keep in mind that it is usually best to wait until you choose a vendor before you begin buying equipment, obtaining rentals or making significant investments. First, find out from your chosen vendor what is necessary and then ask for their advice and guidance. They may also have access to special deals and discounts that can help you save even more than you thought possible, so it is worth it to wait.

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