How to Call India from the U.S.A.

You can call India from the United States of America using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service and save a significant amount on the costs of phone service. Whether you are planning to travel in India and you need to call directly to make arrangements or you just need to call friends and family, VoIP service can help you reduce your costs and make calling India from the U.S.A. more accessible and affordable. VoIP services work differently from traditional landline phone service, making it much cheaper and easier than ever before to make phone calls and other forms of communication. You can save money and have access to other features, affordable high-quality international calling, advanced business phone communications functions and other great features that can help you accomplish more in your personal and business life.

Benefits of using VoIP to call India:

  • Affordable Phone Service–Costs for international calls are low or even free as part of your plan, even if you make a large volume of calls or call India frequently. You can also save money on other calling locations which makes it easier to stay in touch with friends and family or communicate for business purposes.
  • Easy to Use–Just login to your plan or use a phone connected to VoIP service, and you are able to immediately call India. It is fairly easy to get started and use the system.
  • Technical Support and Service–With a VoIP vendor, you have more support and service than you would ordinarily have on your own. You may  have better service to begin with than you would with a traditional phone plan or phone company. VoIP offers significant support advantages and can help simplify the process.
  • Portable–Take your number and calling capabilities with you. Your phone access goes wherever you go, making it easier to stay in touch and use your phone service on the go or away from the office. You can use your service to actually stay in contact or work remotely, even if this involves regular calls to India or ongoing call somewhere else.
  • Flexible–Many VoIP systems are very scalable and can be adapted to your needs, business growth, personal situation and changing experiences.

In this article, we will help you understand how VoIP works to help you make affordable calls to India. We will share with you some best practices, advantages of using VoIP and ideas for how you can quickly and effectively make your calls. We will talk about the types of equipment you will need and how you can get started. Once you start using VoIP, we think you will be impressed with how easy it is to call India and communicate effectively with your friends and family. You may also be very impressed with the business features and functionality if you need business VoIP services. VoIP truly has a lot to offer and we think you will enjoy using the system.

Article Contents:

  1. What is VoIP?
  2. How Can VoIP Help Me Call India from the US?
  3. How Do I Start Using VoIP to Call India?

1. What is VoIP?

VoIP uses the Internet to transmit information over the Internet, enabling online phone communications, SMS text messaging, chat and other features. It is used worldwide by individuals and businesses to communicate and is a viable alternative for people looking to replace their traditional phone services. It can replace your landline phone and still make phone calls directly to other phones, including landline phones. You need special equipment and an Internet connection to use VoIP service, but it is fairly simple and straightforward to get started and begin taking advantage of the benefits.

This type of phone service works by using Internet connections to place calls, routing the calls just like other Internet traffic and using the most efficient routes possible to make your call connect quickly with minimal lag time and disruptions. It is a very effective system and is offered as a service by a. wide range of different companies. Some vendors are more established and have sophisticated plans available, while some others are startup companies that can still offer VoIP service to paying customers. Quality for VoIP services is generally very good, although there can be significant differences in plans and pricing when comparing different companies. It does pay to shop around and consider a variety of plans to find the right option for you.

It is also a great way to place calls to India from the United States. Americans, residents, visitors and anyone else in the US who uses a VoIP account can place calls quickly, easily and at a reduced cost versus traditional calling options. It is a great way to stay in touch and make your communications.

2. How Can VoIP Help Me Call India from the US?

Because of the savings generated with VoIP, your vendor can probably save you significantly on the cost of your international calls. Routing calls through the Internet, it turns out, saves vendors a significant amount of money on maintaining infrastructure and keeping your service going. Plans, then, are generally very cheap by comparison to traditional landline plans.

Equipment Necessary for VoIP Service:

  • A SIP-compatible phone, such as an IP phone or softphone.
  • An analog telephone adapter (ATA) if you plan to use a traditional phone or landline headset/handset.
  • Internet connection to transmit data.
  • While technically not equipment, you definitely need a VoIP service of some kind to start.

With the equipment listed above, you can begin placing calls to India quickly and cheaply. Keep in mind, though, that rates for international calls are generally still higher than for domestic US calls, but you will probably still save a significant sum if you consistently use your service.

3. How Do I Start Using VoIP to Call India?

Calling India from the United States using VoIP is relatively simple and straightforward, so you should be able to get going quickly and easily and place your calls. In this section, we give you the steps you need to complete to make your calls to India, which should make your experience easier. If you run into difficulties placing calls, be sure to ask your VoIP vendor for help and technical support. Keep in mind that if you use a bring your own phone plan, or a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan, you may need to provide some of your own technical support as not every vendor supports every device. This is something to remember when shopping for VoIP plans, as well.

In no time, you can be calling your friends, family or business associates in India if you follow this process. VoIP can help you become more efficient, save time and save money on phone service so it is usually worth the effort to learn how to use it and begin making your calls.

Follow these Steps to Call India:

  • Sign up for a plan that includes international calls to India.
  • Dial 011, which is the exit code you need to leave the US phone system when you are placing a call.
  • Dial 91, which is the country code for India.
  • Dial the area code and phone number for the contact you want to reach.
  • Start talking!

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