How to Call Panama from the U.S.A.

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it is easier and cheaper than ever to place calls to Panama from the United States. You can save money and make your calls at a much lower cost per minute using VoIP than you could if you used a traditional phone service.

Many people are familiar with phone companies and the landline phone services that are widely available, but fewer people know about the technology enabling phone service costs to drop significantly lower. This makes international phone calls cheaper and within reach for more people than ever before.

Article Contents:

  1. What is VoIP Service?
  2. How Does VoIP Help Me Call Panama from the U.S.A?
  3. How Do I Get Started with VoIP Service?

In this article, we will talk about VoIP, how it works, how you can use it to place calls to Panama inside the United States and how you can get started quickly with your VoIP service using the right equipment, software and VoIP vendor services.

Advantages of Calling Panama with VoIP Service:

  • Easy to Do—With the expertise from your VoIP vendor, easy to use equipment and software that is a snap to set up, you can get going quickly and without much additional technical knowledge in many cases.
  • Portable and Adaptable—Your phone service will be easy to take with you on business trips, personal vacations or just a trip around the block. Calling Panama from the U.S.A. is a relatively easy thing to do with these services. You can take your phone number wherever you go without worrying about missing calls.
  • Cheap—These are low-cost calls, even if you are calling internationally. Yes, you will typically pay more per minute for calls to another country than you would for domestic phone conversations within the United States, but it is still significantly cheaper to use VoIP than most typical phone plans, and you can really save on business or personal calls.
  • Powerful Features—If you need added features, such as for a business phone system, VoIP service has a wide variety of very powerful functions you can quickly implement and begin using with your phone plan. You will probably be very amazed by what is possible through VoIP. It is revolutionary to have access to routing features, voicemail transcription and other features, particularly for small businesses and organizations. These features are also much cheaper through VoIP than they would be with a traditional phone service.
  • Call Landlines—Yes, you can actually call landlines with VoIP service! Your VoIP vendor can provide the service connecting your calls into the public phone grid, so calling plain old telephone service (POTS) subscribers is easy and convenient. The other party you are calling in Panama does not need special equipment to receive your phone calls. They can use traditional phones and traditional phone service and still stay in touch with you.
  • Reliable Infrastructure and Equipment—Many people have concerns about how VoIP equipment works and whether or not it can consistently deliver reliable calls. With VoIP, the quality is usually very high and listeners can clearly hear what you say. Calls are very rarely dropped. In fact, the risk is often lower than it is for traditional infrastructure calls. Also, your calls travel over the Internet to Panama, so there is usually less concern about weather or other significant interference happening.

1. What is VoIP Service?

VoIP uses the Internet to place phone calls. It is a very simple process. Rather than use the traditional copper wiring networks of older phone systems, VoIP uses the Internet to transport information, including your phone calls. As such, VoIP is very efficient and usually is able to send calls faster and more effectively at a lower cost. POTS service, in contrast, uses networks that are typically older and rely on miles and miles of copper wire that must be continuously maintained and responded to if something happens. Weather, aging networks and other problems can cause significant interference sometimes, so phone companies invest a lot of money in maintaining these networks and keeping them moving along.

When you sign up for VoIP, you skip all of that. You can call Panama at a much cheaper rate because your VoIP vendor does not need to maintain expensive infrastructure going to Panama in order to connect your calls. It is much cheaper, easier and less risky to offer VoIP service in many cases, so these savings and efficiencies are passed on to you directly in savings that are generated.

2. How Does VoIP Help Me Call Panama from the U.S.A.?

VoIP connects your calls to anyone with phone service or Internet connection and VoIP service to receive your calls in Panama. This means that you can make your phone calls and successfully conduct business, call friends and family or make travel arrangements. This can all be done without the high fees traditionally associated with international calls, which can be a huge plus for people who frequently call Panama.

You can also use your VoIP connection to make other calls all over the world, which is a big advantage. Your calls are connected to the public phone grid wherever you are calling, so there is no worry about having your call recipients obtain special equipment or do something out of the ordinary to receive your phone calls.

To Call Panama:

  • Dial 011 first, which is the exit code for the United States phone system.
  • Dial 507, which is the country code for Panama.
  • Begin talking and enjoy your conversation!

With these steps, you will be calling Panama in no time. Depending on the plan you chose and the vendor you have, your rates will probably be by-the-minute, metered, pay-as-you-go or unlimited. It is very likely that these rates will be cheaper, too.

3. How Do I Get Started with VoIP Service?

To get started, first think about the features you need in a VoIP service. If you need features and functionality besides calling Panama, you may need to think carefully about the types of features you want, the purpose of your phone service and how you typically use phones already. There is a huge range of different phone systems on the market today and you need to be proactive about looking at vendors and finding the right one for you.

You Will Need This Equipment First:

  • Internet Connection—Before you can make affordable calls to Panama, you will need an Internet connection capable of transmitting VoIP calls. Fast Internet is generally better for the best phone connections.
  • Phone—At least one phone. You can use an IP phone, a softphone, a smartphone or even an analog telephone if you have the right adapter.
  • Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)—An ATA is only necessary if you plan to use an analog telephone. This allows your traditional landline phone to use VoIP service. Your VoIP vendor will usually supply one, so wait to get an ATA until after you have chosen a vendor and service plan. Changing services will typically mean you will need a new ATA altogether, so that is something to keep in mind. You do not want to purchase or rent equipment you do not actually need or get something that does not apply to your phone service.

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