How to Call Russia from U.S.A.

To call Russia from the US, you can use either traditional phone service or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP can help you save money on international phone calls and it brings you exciting new features you probably did not expect in phone service. Calling Russia from the United States becomes easier than ever before and you have more options than you probably thought you did. It is amazing what VoIP is capable of, and if you are unfamiliar with VoIP, you may not be aware of how much money you could be saving on your phone calls to Russia.

Article Contents:

  1. VoIP Basics
  2. Phone Calls Between the US and Russia, Affordably
  3. Advice for New Subscribers

VoIP access has a lot of advantages. In this article, we will talk about how VoIP can help you call Russia and we will share some of the advantages of using VoIP for your phone calls. Whether you need to make calls to Russia for personal or business reasons, you can generate significant savings and improve your phone service with access to a greater range of possible functionality and possibilities.

We will also provide you with some tips you can use to get started quickly with VoIP and find the right equipment for your business or personal phone use. We will give you some information on the services VoIP vendors provide, as well. By the end of this article, you should gain a basic understanding of how VoIP works and how it can help you call Russia from the US. It will help you appreciate the features VoIP offers and the discounts you can access on your international calls. In no time, you could be calling Russia and saving money on your phone bills.

Regardless of your reasons for calling Russia, we can help you find the right plan and vendor. We can also help you get started with VoIP. Our website is full of various guides, vendor reviews and information businesses and individuals can use to make the most of their VoIP service. To learn more about calling Russia, keep reading.

Advantages of Using VoIP Phone Service Plans to Call Russia from the U.S.A.:

  • Saving Money on International Minutes—You may be surprised how much VoIP can save you on international calls, including calls to Russia. VoIP works differently from traditional phone service, which can help you save money and be more productive.
  • Access Advanced Features—VoIP provides advanced functionality to businesses, people who want more features and power users that need particular functionality with their phone plans. You can use call queues, call management features, voicemail transcription, call recording and call bridging, in addition to other features. Not all subscribers want or need these advanced features, but they are a possibility with VoIP plans and they are usually much cheaper than they would be with traditional phone service. This makes advanced features more accessible to small businesses and more affordable to every subscriber.
  • Portability—Your service is portable, so you can bring your phone number and phone service plan with you anywhere as you travel or change work environments. Remote working is also easier with a VoIP plan because you can readily dial into the same phone system and use your service just as if you were actually on site.
  • Reliability—You can have your system maintained by the VoIP vendor instead of having to maintain it yourself by having a cloud hosted system. This can save you on infrastructure costs and help you avoid purchasing or renting expensive equipment.

In the next section, we will talk a little bit about what VoIP is and why it can help you generate cost savings on your phone service plan.

1. VoIP Basics

Calls to Russia were traditionally more expensive than domestic calls within the US because of the costs of phone infrastructure between the two countries. Wiring and cables, which were placed underneath oceans and covered the distance between the US and Russia, were originally how phone signals and telegraph communications could travel overseas. Satellites and other wireless forms of communication came later. These forms of communication, though, are expensive and difficult to maintain.

VoIP uses a different method to transmit telephone signals. Unlike traditional telephone service, or plain old telephone service (POTS), VoIP uses the Internet to send phone calls, SMS text messages and chat data. It is packaged for the Internet and sent over to the recipient through the most efficient routes possible online with the help of powerful servers. These computers route call traffic and help to package and unpackage it.

Because VoIP phone service providers do not have to maintain expensive copper wire networks, they can save a significant amount of money. They can reduce their costs and offer cheap, effective phone service with added features powered by computers. This technology, when it was first released, began to significantly change how phone service works. This disruption continues in the phone service market today as more and more people realize how much money they can save with VoIP phone plans.

Calling Russia is not only possible with VoIP, but it is also actually cheaper. Internet connections can route traffic from the US to Russia without the expensive copper networks of POTS telephone service. While you probably will pay more for calls to Russia than you would for calls within the domestic US, you will still generate significant savings and probably find a great per-minute rate for service.

2. Phone Calls Between the US and Russia, Affordably

To get started with calling Russia using VoIP, you will need to first choose a VoIP vendor and plan. Service plans vary in cost, features and functionality. You should think carefully about the features you need and the reason you plan to sign up for service. Make sure the service you choose offers plans including calls to Russia, and find out how much they charge for that service, since plans to vary.

Once you have a plan, follow these steps to call Russia from the US:

  • First, leave the US phone system by dialing the exit code, which is 011.
  • Then, dial Russia’s country code, which is 7.
  • Next, dial the area code, which is between three to five digits long.
  • Now, dial the phone number itself, which is five to seven digits long.
  • Finally, begin talking. You are now connected to a phone in Russia. Enjoy your conversation!

With these tips, you can quickly connect with people in Russia. Since your service is portable, you can take it with you and continue having conversations with people in Russia using your VoIP account and Internet access.

3. Advice for New Subscribers

To start, you need to get a VoIP vendor, choose equipment and begin calling. You will need to make a modest investment in equipment, use equipment you already have, receive equipment from your vendor or acquire it some other way. If you have questions, be sure to write these down so your vendor can help.

You Will Need These Services and Pieces of Equipment:

  • Phones—You will need a softphone, IP phone, smartphone, tablet device or analog phone.
  • Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)—You only need an ATA if you plan to use an analog telephone.
  • Internet Connection—Since VoIP traffic is routed through the Internet, you will need an Internet connection.
  • VoIP Service—You need a VoIP vendor to place VoIP calls. It should be noted, however, that you do not need a VoIP service to receive calls from a VoIP phone. Landline phones can also receive VoIP voice calls, which means you can use your VoIP service to call pretty much anyone. This can help you replace your landline telephone service entirely. You no longer need a landline service to stay in touch with loved ones, conduct business or contact people in Russia.

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