How to Call Sweden from the U.S.A.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is a type of phone service that can help you to make inexpensive international phone calls to Sweden and save money on phone service. You also gain access to advanced phone service features, save money on domestic calls within the United States and can access special productivity functionality. VoIP phone service is revolutionary in many key ways.

Article Contents:

  1. Differences Between VoIP and Traditional Phones
  2. VoIP Calls From the US to Sweden: A How-To Guide
  3. VoIP Systems for Beginners

In this article, we will introduce VoIP phone service and explain how you can use it to make phone calls to Sweden from the United States. In no time, you can learn how to make phone calls to Sweden from your VoIP account in the US. Since VoIP is very portable, you can even take that account with you as you travel and call Sweden from wherever you go.

We will talk about the features you can access with a VoIP phone plan, help you understand what types of equipment you will need, and help you begin using VoIP so you feel confident in your knowledge of calling Sweden.

Advantages of Calling Sweden with Your VoIP Plan:

  • Save Money on International Minutes—You can save a tremendous amount of money on international minute costs with a VoIP plan. VoIP is a revolutionary technology that reduces the costs of phone service by using the Internet to route call traffic. By working differently from traditional phone plans, your VoIP plan can offer you a variety of advanced features, improved functionality and revolutionary low costs.
  • Gain Advanced Features—VoIP plans offer more advanced features, which can be helpful for both business and personal calls. Phone service from VoIP companies can offer you more. You can access call traffic management systems, advanced queuing technology, call recording and call management in addition to other features such as voicemail transcription. Personal calls may not need some of these features, but personal phone plans through VoIP providers still have more to offer than traditional phone service.
  • Portable—VoIP phone plans are very portable. You can take your phone service access and phone number with you wherever you go. All you need is an Internet connection and you can use your VoIP plan, enabling you to get more use and practicality out of your VoIP service.
  • Scalable—You can quickly scale your VoIP plan, allowing you to adjust the size of your plan and the plan’s functionality to your needs. As your needs change, you can scale your VoIP plan upward or downward. Whether you are using your plan for business or personal calls, this flexibility can be very helpful.
  • Easy to Use—VoIP is easy to start and use, with many plans working out-of-the-box and operating successfully the very first day you begin.

In no time, you can begin calling Sweden using the tips and advice in this article. Our website can help you choose the right VoIP vendor for you and begin using your VoIP plan to communicate better and get more done. Whether you are making personal or business calls (or both), we believe there is a great VoIP plan out there for you that can make your communications experience easier and cheaper.

1. Differences Between VoIP and Traditional Phones

VoIP plans work differently from plain old telephone service (POTS) plans that power landline phones. VoIP uses the Internet to route call traffic and transport phone call data, SMS text messages and chat. This revolutionizes phone service by dramatically reducing the cost of communications. VoIP phone plans are enormously cheaper than traditional phone service. VoIP providers do not need to spend significant sums of money to maintain the networks used to transmit phone calls like traditional phone companies do. The copper wiring that transports telephone signals hundreds and thousands of miles around the world are completely unnecessary with VoIP service. Since VoIP providers do not maintain copper wiring, they can save money and pass their savings on to their VoIP plan subscribers. This makes VoIP service comparatively very cheap and allows VoIP phone companies to offer more than traditional phone providers can.

You can use a VoIP plan to call Sweden, since Internet traffic can travel around the world. If you are calling phones in Sweden that use analog telephone service, then your phone signals will spend part of their travels going across the POTS system as these signals enter the public phone grid to reach the call recipient. The call data will take the most efficient possible Internet routes to reach the destination, joining the public network when necessary at the end of the route.

2. VoIP Calls from the US to Sweden: A How-To Guide

If you are willing to follow our advice and steps to call Sweden, you can use your VoIP plan to place phone calls from within the U.S.A. and call Sweden directly. In this article, you will learn the steps to easily call Sweden and communicate more effectively and cheaply in the process.

Follow These Steps to Call Sweden from the US Using Your VoIP Service Plan:

  • Research VoIP service plans and choose the one that is right for you. Obtain the equipment you need for VoIP service.
  • Find a number in Sweden you need to call and exit the US phone system by dialing the US exit code, which is 011.
  • Dial the country code for Sweden, which is 46. This brings you into the Swedish telephone system.
  • Dial the one to three digit area code to choose an area to call.
  • Finally, dial the five to eight digit phone number to place your call.
  • Begin talking and enjoy your conversation. You are now connected!

In no time, you can begin calling Sweden from the US. This can help you communicate more efficiently and cheaply.

3. VoIP Systems for Beginners

To get started, you will need to think about the features and functionality you need in a VoIP system. You need to choose a vendor, plan and type of pricing. If you want to call Sweden, you will need to ensure that your plan includes international calling and specifically offers service to Sweden. Be sure to find out how much minutes for calls into Sweden actually are, as well.

Equipment You Will Need to Call Sweden from the US:

  • Phones—You will need a smartphone, softphone, IP phone, analog phone, tablet or another compatible device. Ask your vendor for suggestions. Some vendors also have discounts and special deals available.
  • Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)—An ATA is only necessary if you plan to use an analog telephone. This connects traditional phones designed for landlines to VoIP service.
  • Internet Connection—You will need an Internet connection of some kind if you want to access your VoIP service, since VoIP calls are routed through the Internet.
  • VoIP Service—While not technically equipment, you will also need access to a VoIP service. This allows you to make VoIP phone calls. Our website can help you find the right VoIP plan for you so you can begin calling Sweden and making the most from your phone service. Use our website to get started on your VoIP journey!

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