How to Call the Philippines from the U.S.A.

To call the Philippines from the United States, you can decide to use your landline telephone service or you can use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Phone companies offer these services as different ways to make phone calls. VoIP is significantly cheaper than traditional phone service and should be considered by anyone who is trying to save money and access more efficient phone services. This can dramatically change your phone experience and make it much easier to stay connected. People have many different reasons for calling the Philippines, and no matter the reason you can find a great phone service to help you get started.

Call the Philippines in the US:

  • Find a VoIP provider
  • Choose a VoIP plan
  • Get ready to dial the number and country codes
  • Start talking!

In this article, we will introduce VoIP phone service, talk about a few of the benefits, show you how to use it to call numbers in the Philippines and tell you about some of the equipment and software you will need to make these calls. Generally, this is a very easy process and you can get going with VoIP quickly using a variety of different phone options.

Article Contents:

  1. What is VoIP?
  2. How Does VoIP Help Me Call the Philippines?
  3. How Can I Get Started with VoIP Service?

Calling international numbers from the United States does not have to be expensive, and you can save a significant amount of money on phone calls to numbers in the Philippines. The VoIP service you choose may offer a variety of different plans and pricing options to make it easier for you. Affordable rates on international calls are one reason many people choose VoIP plans for their personal and business calls.

Advantages of Using VoIP to Call Numbers in the Philippines:

  • Cheaply Make Calls—Per-minute and metered international rates to the Philippines are usually much lower when you use a VoIP service. You can make low-cost phone calls and save a significant amount of money compared with calls using a traditional phone service.
  • Portable Service—You can take your phone service with you, which you really cannot do with a traditional phone service plan. You can keep your number and readily use your phone even if you are traveling or away from your home or office.
  • Adaptable Features—Depending on what you need, you can adapt your plan to fit your budget and desired functionality. If you are just using the service to call numbers for personal conversations, you can get a streamlined plan that offers international coverage to the Philippines. If you are getting a service plan for your business, you can pay a little more and obtain high-quality features your business can really use to grow or add scale.
  • Calls Landlines and VoIP phones—No matter what type of service your call recipients have, you can reach them with a VoIP phone number. You do not need to worry about your recipients have specialized equipment. You can make the calls you need to and you can rely on your recipients being able to answer and communicate with you from the Philippines.
  • Access Advanced Features—VoIP service allows call queuing, call management functionality and other amazing features that traditional phone service either typically does not offer or charges higher fees for. This is great particularly for businesses, since you can access features that may help your business grow and scale to accommodate changes in demand for your products or services. Even if you are only using your phone for personal calls, you can still often gain access to features that can help you be more productive and communicate more effectively.

With VoIP, you can soon begin communicating with other people and make calls to the Philippines at reduced rates. You may be amazed by what VoIP can help you accomplish.

1. What is VoIP?

VoIP uses a different method of transmitting phone calls. Voice calls are transformed into data packages that can be transferred over the Internet. It is a fairly straightforward process that enables you to have phone calls without using costly phone service that works with older copper wire networks and plain old telephone service systems (POTS). Since this phone service works differently, VoIP phone service companies can help you save money on your international calling expenses. Discounted minutes to call internationally are available with most VoIP plans and area an easy way to access the savings phone companies can pass on to you.

Calling the Philippines with VoIP is not necessarily a complex process, either. VoIP is easy to set up and many different plans are available. No matter why you need to call numbers in the Philippines, you can find a service that can help you make personal, business or other calls. VoIP service offers a variety of flexible options to make calling easier and more user-friendly. You can also save a lot on your phone bill.

2. How Does VoIP Help Me Call the Philippines?

You can place calls to the Philippines by following the directions in this guide. Simply get access to a VoIP plan and follow these steps. In no time, you will be placing low-cost calls between your VoIP plan in the United States and phones in the Philippines.

Follow These Steps to Call Numbers in the Philippines:

  • Before dialing the phone number, you need to leave the US phone system. Dial 011, the exit code for the United States.
  • Then, dial the country code for the Philippines. It is 63. This brings you into the phone system in the Philippines.
  • Finally, dial the area code and then the phone number itself.
  • Begin talking and have a great conversation!

With these instructions, you can use your VoIP service to call any number in the Philippines. It is quick and easy.

3. How Can I Get Started with VoIP Service?

To get started with a VoIP service, you need to think about the features you need and how you plan to use your phone service plan. If you have extensive VoIP needs, then you will probably need more than just a basic plan. You do need international coverage if you plan to call the Philippines, and you will probably pay for service by the minute when you are making international calls. Make sure your plan specifically covers calls to the Philippines or you may have difficulty making your calls.

VoIP service requires specific equipment. For instance, you may need an Internet connection, a phone, an adapter and other equipment such as a private branch exchange (PBX) box if you need advanced features.

You will need:

  • A Phone—At the very least, you will need a softphone on your computer or smartphone. You could also use an analog phone, an IP phone or some other device compatible with your phone service.
  • Internet Connection—You need to connect to the Internet in order to make VoIP calls, since this is how VoIP works.
  • PBX—If you have a business communications system or a system with many virtual extensions and complex features, you will need a PBX to manage it all. These functions can be conducted by your vendor through a cloud hosting service.
  • A VoIP Vendor—You will, of course, need a vendor providing VoIP service so you can connect and make phone calls. A variety of different plans are available, making this step easier.

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