Reset Xfinity Router

How to Reset your Comcast Modem

You’re not the first one to wonder how to reset a modem or router from Comcast/Xfinity. The process to reset Comcast modems or reset Xfinity modems is generally straightforward, but the exact procedure depends on the modem or router you have and whether it is wireless. If you have access to your wireless modem or router right now, look at it and identify the best strategy for resetting to get your WiFi working well again. A soft reset, where you use the reset button, may not be enough to restore factory settings. So you will need to plan to do a full reset for your Comcast/Xfinity modem. Since a Comcast reset of the modem may change your settings and is usually impossible to undo, you should plan for how you will restore any settings you will need. Resetting a modem may also change how your wireless device behaves.

  • Factory Reset—A full reset to original Xfinity factory settings. It allows you to restore your modem’s defaults in case you need to begin with new settings just like you are removing your modem right from the box.
    Soft Reset—A soft reset may not restore full Xfinity factory settings, but typically does restore some original settings or bring the modem back to previous options.

In this article, we will share a few different approaches so you can choose a strategy that is most appropriate for your own device and WiFi service. By the end, you will have several different ideas. You may not need to pay Comcast to reset your modem if you do it yourself.

Do I Need a Comcast Reset?

  • Modem Not Working—If the modem or router is not working properly for your WiFi but appears to be fine, you should try resetting it.
  • Change to Settings—It is not necessary to reset after changing settings. Resetting your modem may restore old settings and prevent your new changes from working. A soft reset may be necessary after changing settings. If you are not sure you may want to contact Comcast/Xfinity.
  • New Wireless Connection—If something about your wireless connection or WiFi network is new, you may need to reset your modem or reset your router. A soft or factory reset may be necessary.

Once you reset, be prepared to reset other devices in the WiFi network. Many settings and anything that differs from the Xfinity factory settings will need to be manually updated inside the system after a restart. You should figure out which settings you want to keep and be sure to record them, so after resetting you can use your preferred settings again.

Article Contents:

  1. Reasons to Reset Comcast Modem
  2. Voice Modem
  3. Reset Buttons
  4. Power Cycling
  5. Other Ideas

If you are ready, read on for more information about resetting wireless modems.

1. Reasons to Reset Comcast Modem

There are many reasons to reset Xfinity modems or routers. If you are having problems using your modem to connect to the wireless Internet or WiFi, interact with your other devices on the WiFi or provide service, you may try resetting your modem, so you can reconnect it to the WiFi. Preparing to turn in your modem and change services or stop Comcast/Xfinity service can also mean you need to reset.

If you decide to upgrade and recycle your own one, this could be another motive for resetting. If you have already tried on your own and did not succeed, read on. It may save you money if you are able to avoid a service visit fee.

2. Voice Modem

A voice modem from Comcast/Xfinity typically has a reset button, so this provides an easy way to perform a factory reset. To reset, start by finding a thin object you can use to press the button.

Look for a marked reset button on the front or back. Press the button. If that does not work, you may need to reset the modem more than once or try a combination of other techniques.

After the reset, you may need to restart any computer you have connected to the system and WiFi, depending on how your voice WiFi network is configured. Be prepared to reset other devices and wireless or WiFi connections.

3. Reset Buttons

With other types of modems or routers, you may or may not need an object to press the reset button. Try pressing the button for five seconds and seeing if that successfully resets the modem or router and WiFi. If not, you may need more than one reset or to try other methods.

You may need to wait several minutes for your wireless Xfinity modem to reset. After the reset, original settings should be restored again, and the WiFi should work.

4. Power Cycling

Power cycling basically shuts off power to the modem or router to force a reset. Try unplugging the modem cable and keeping the cable unplugged for a few minutes. Usually, this will provoke some type of hard reset and restore factory settings. You may need to try this technique multiple times and combine it with other strategies.

5. Other Ideas

If all else fails, you may need help from Comcast. There may be hardware, firmware or wireless software problem preventing you from resetting your modem and WiFi.

Let the technician know what you have already tried so there is no duplication. Record each step so it is easier to retrace. If you have any other questions about the process, be sure to record them. This can help you streamline the process of a reset for an Xfinity modem. It can get your modem or router working properly, so you can have the WiFi you need.

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