How to Find The Right Hosted VOIP PBX For Your Business (Part 2)

Our previous blog covered several questions you should consider asking when trying to find the right Voice over Internet (or VoIP) PBX provider to partner with your company. The second part of our blog series has additional interview questions. Feel free to continue reading for more discussion topics you can use as a resource that will give your business everything it needs to know when searching for a hosted VoIP PBX.

Can Our Company Keep Our Old Phone Number If We Switch VoIP Vendors?

When you are calling and emailing your list of prospective hosted VoIP PBX providers, remember to ask if your company can retain its business phone number. This is especially important if you have a vanity phone number that is easy for customers to remember. Or maybe your business has used the same number for a long time. You can save lots of time and prevent future headaches if the new vendor can agree to maintain the company’s current phone number. A new vendor should be able to explain in detail if you will be able to keep the phone number.

When You Switch Hosted VoIP PBX Partners Will It Disrupt The Company’s Operations?

When you decide to use another hosted VoIP PBX partner, your original phone number is “ported” to the new VoIP vendor. Usually the provider your company plans to sign up with will contact the previous vendor to request a port. Next, your old vendor will gather the necessary documents and follow the necessary protocols to switch everything over to the new vendor. Hopefully they will work with your previous company during the port process to make sure it is a smooth transition.

If you are switching hosted VoIP PBX vendors, it is important for you to understand if there will be any downtime. This can help give your company enough time to plan  for any business interruptions.

In the past it wasn’t unusual for porting to take a couple of weeks, even if both vendors had everything they needed. Now the updated VoIP process is much faster. Today VoIP providers must comply with federal guidelines and policies established by the Federal Communications Commission.

How Will The VoIP Vendors Bill The Company During the Porting Process?

Next, you can ask how the vendors plan to bill the company when you are in the middle of switching providers. For example, will your company have to pay extra for the porting process? Can you keep the same number of phone lines with the new vendor? If so, how much will it cost?

Are There Any Other Additional Charges I Should Know About?

Another question you can ask prospective hosted VoIP PBX vendors is for clarification about possible monthly charges. Some VoIP providers charge a one-time fee or set up fee to create your account. They may also charge a service fee to maintain your account. However, there may be other reoccurring fees that may show up on the bill.

Will you have to pay a set up fee again if you decide to add more lines to the company’s VoIP phone system? Also, you can find out if they charge more for international coverage if your company has multiple offices in countries around the world.

Please contact us today if you want more information. We are happy to help you learn more about selecting the right hosted VoIP PBX company to partner for your company. is considered one of the best authorities on the VoIP industry in America. Since we have already took the time to conduct research and review the top VoIP providers, you can find the resources you need to make the right  decision.

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