How to Find The Right Hosted VOIP PBX For Your Business (Part 3)

This week we continue with a list of questions you can ask a hosted VoIP provider before deciding to work with them. Our questions can act as a starting point for your business to discover what it needs to know when selecting a hosted VoIP PBX. Below are some of the last questions we have compiled as part of our blog series.

Does the VoIP PBX Vendor Have Any Awards or Industry Recognition?

Ask the potential VoIP partner if their company has received any industry awards or recognition. For example, they may have won an award for best customer service. Or maybe they were recognized for their innovation. Although it may be more expensive to work with a hosted VoIP vendor that has achieved awards or national acclaim, you can be confident that your company will be partnering with a vendor that has a proven track record of excellence.

What Is Their Process For Signing Up New Companies?

Another question you can ask is about their sign up process. How long does would it take for them to onboard your company and get everything up and running? Remember, it may take more time to set things up if your business has not used VoIP before. Will you have a dedicated account rep that will manage your account? The more you understand how they sign up new clients or companies, the better you can manage your expectations.

Can The VoIP Provider Support Faxing?

If faxing documents to customers is an important part of your business, it is important to find a VoIP provider that can deliver. If the potential provider does support faxing, how do they charge for that service? Can you connect a traditional fax machine to a VoIP line? You can also ask if they provide inbound and outbound faxing capabilities. When you have a good idea about how much the VoIP provider would charge, you can get a better estimation of the potential cost.

Who Will Monitor Your Account?

Next, you can ask prospective VoIP providers how they plan to monitor your company’s account. Will they provide an account manager or one key person who will contact you about any important updates or issues? Some VoIP providers will assign a dedicated person to service your account, while others will expect you to call in or contact them if you have questions. If you are looking for a reliable hosted VoIP PBX partner, try to look for one with stellar customer service. It’s important to understand how the company handles issues like poor call quality, incomplete calls, and other problems. Look for a VoIP partner that will work tirelessly to resolve any and all of your issues.

What is the Size of Their Company?

Lastly, you should inquire about the size of their company. There are large, multinational VoIP conglomerates that have been around for a decade and small family owned providers that only service a handful of customers. Their size may impact how busy they are and how quick they respond to your questions.

With the right questions and a little research, you can find a great hosted VoIP PBX provider. We hope our blog series will give you ideas about what to ask potential vendors so you can make a good choice.

Interested in learning more about the VoIP industry? Feel free to contact us today. A At, we understand how to help organizations discover which VoIP business phone system solution is right for their company. Remember, we are providing this list for you to reference and to give you ideas. After all, only your company can ultimately decide what issues are the most important and what you are looking for in a VoIP vendor.

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