How To Improve Recruiter Productivity with Integrated VoIP

In the world of hiring and human resources, technology is making it easier to work. Now more than ever, recruiters have a wide variety of different applications and tools they can rely on to get their work done. Automation is making the work of human resources departments much easier. While VoIP in general does this for almost any type of business and any kind of work-related task that involves phones, it’s true that VoIP also presents some really unique benefits for recruiters to boost their productivity.

In this article, we’ll talk about some VoIP features that can help HR and recruiters a great deal. Automated systems that can speed up and improve interactions are useful in situations where recruiting and HR departments are faced with a large list of contacts to call, which is often the case after placing ads for popular jobs and receiving a large volume of applications. If you organization is large and does a significant volume of hiring or if you are tasked with choosing candidates from a large list of applicants, then you will likely benefit from being able to combine VoIP with other software you use at work.

Article Contents:

  1. How VoIP Can Help Any Business HR Department
  2. Integrated VoIP for Recruiters
  3. Other Considerations for Using VoIP to Boost Productivity

Using VoIP, you may be amazed at how much more productive your department can become. Read on for our tips and suggestions.

1. How VoIP Can Help Any Business HR Department

If your organization accepts a large volume of calls, needs to hand-off specific calls to people in different areas, or has a strong need for expertise to varying degrees as calls come in, then you may already understand how VoIP can help your department. HR departments at many organizations are either bombarded with calls after posting a job or have a lot of outbound call volume as they try to connect with applicants, too. HR is a tough part of business and involves a high degree of interaction via phone with people inside the company and out.

As such, VoIP can help you organize your company’s phone system and route calls to the right people and the best departments to answer. In spite of offering these features, VoIP is also fairly low-cost and easy to deploy. So certainly almost any department can benefit from VoIP service and HR is absolutely no exception to that rule.

There are also specific applications of VoiP that may be of specific benefit to HR departments and recruiters, though, such as VoIP integrations.

2. Integrated VoIP for Recruiters

You can connect your VoIP plan to your customer relationship management (CRM) system, and many businesses that use VoIP do this to help them respond to customers quickly and efficiently. Applicant tracking systems (ATS), which are commonly used within the recruitment world, also fit well with VoIP systems if you need similar benefits, as it turns out.

Integrated VoIP can give you a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Volume: If you have a large number of applicants, having a VoIP system integrate with your ATS can help tremendously. Say you want to respond to a big number of candidates quickly and stay efficient by maximizing your time on the phone. This can help you by providing the next phone number automatically as you go through each applicant’s information, so you avoid wasting time.
  • Consistency: If you need calls to consistently follow specific parameters, having an ATS integrate with it can help keep everything in sync.
  • Metrics: VoIP can help you see your at-a-glance metrics for your calls, keeping you on-task with your recruitment goals.
  • Information: Have information about each contact when you call them, so you appear prepared and knowledgeable while also staying efficient.
  • Auto-DIaling: This is a strong VoIP feature that can really make a difference with large call volumes. Have a lot of candidates to call at once? Dial the next number on your list as soon as you are done with your previous call. This way, you eliminate downtime between one call and another, making it easier to keep calling and avoid getting lost or bogged down as you go.
  • Pre-Recorded Voicemail: Have your voicemail messages ready to go so when you leave a message, you don’t have to duplicate your efforts. This can help you get through a list faster.
  • Click-to-Call: C2C features can help you get each number dialed rapidly so you don’t waste your time with inputting numbers or accidentally enter the wrong numbers and waste your time that way.
  • On-Screen Notifications: Have information where you can see it, on your screen.
  • Share a List: Have an entire team manage a list of candidate call-backs without having to review with each other who’s called what number and without having to rehash the same details. Divide up a large list of candidates and call them all like a pro.

With these and other business-friendly VoIP features, you and your team can manage a large volume of candidate information and get more calls done. You can speed-up the process of getting in touch with everyone and keep your activities more efficient.

3. Other Considerations for Using VoIP to Boost Productivity

In time, a VoIP system can really improve productivity at your office. VoIP allows you to have more features and adapt your system to a variety of different applications and uses, which can help your department and your entire company get so much more done.

If you are looking to improve your productivity using VoIP, first stop and consider how VoIP may help your business to do better. Do what you can to look for ways that a better phone system would improve efficiency and ease of use at your office. Create your strategy and get ready to run with it as you go.

Think about, for instance, using VoIP to:

  • Automate: Any phone task you can speed-up or automate. VoIP applications and integrations don’t just work with HR and recruiting, of course. You can apply this to any area of your business.
  • Communicate: Because of the advanced features associated with VoIP, you can communicate more efficiently than ever. Connect everyone at the office together in a single communication system and make it easier for the entire company to stay connected.
  • Outsource: Connect everyone through outsourcing, if needed, and outsource office functions while staying informed and in-touch. VoIP makes it much easier to do this.
  • Create a Distributed Workforce: Hire employees who are anywhere and everywhere. It’s so much more possible with a VoIP system.

If you’d like to begin shopping for a VoIP plan, you can start by doing your research on our site and looking for more information from vendors. Depending on your specific needs, different plans may be better fits for your needs, so you’ll need to figure out how you want the plan implemented at your organization and come up with a plan to get everything accomplished. Asking your employees and team members to pitch in and help with making the selection based on the features and level of functionality you need also makes a difference. Start using our site as a resource and make an effort to find the right plan to boost your productivity.

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