How to Lower Business Costs using VoIP Technology 

You can reduce your business costs by using VoIP as a phone service alternative. Many organizations pay a lot of money for phone services that offer access to call center or contact center services, advanced features and functionality such as auto dialers, large conference call bridges connecting 100 or more participants, call monitoring and advanced forwarding features, call recording and other phone service needs. Minutes can be expensive too, particularly if your company has a large call volume and calls international numbers on a regular basis. These features and functions can make calls very expensive for many companies. If your company wants to save money on phone service, VoIP may be just the thing you need.

VoIP saves money by providing advanced features made possible through lower-cost, higher quality infrastructure. Using computers and the Internet, VoIP phone systems are able to offer better features and capabilities than what traditional phone systems can do, since VoIP is computer-powered and uses the Internet to send phone communications. Phone companies do not have to spend as much money maintaining their infrastructure when they can rely instead on the Internet to send communications, which can help users save a lot of money on phone service.

In this article, we will talk about how you can use VoIP to help you reduce your costs. We will introduce a few of the services VoIP companies offer and how they can benefit organizations of different sizes and industries. By the end of this article, you should have a better idea of whether or not VoIP is great for your organization. It should help you to understand how you can use VoIP and if you want to take the next step and get a VoIP service for your company.

On our site, we have other articles and tips you may find helpful, too, as you learn more about VoIP and begin the implementation process at your organization. VoIP has a lot to offer and we believe just about every company can find a VoIP solution that is beneficial and affordable. VoIP technology is feature-rich and can empower your organization’s growth and operations without straining your budget.

Article Contents:

  1. VoIP: The Cost-Effective Phone Service Solution
  2. VoIP for Small Business
  3. Choosing a VoIP Vendor and Plan
  4. Moving Forward with VoIP: Security and Other Issues

Keep reading to learn how you too can get the most from a VoIP plan and generate substantial savings for your organization. You can get a VoIP account set-up quickly and effectively; in many cases, you can actually get started and begin using your phone service the same day you begin. This makes the deployment process quick and easy for many companies.

1. VoIP: The Cost-Effective Phone Service Solution

VoIP is cost-effective, with plans that are extremely low-cost available to individuals and businesses. You can save money by enrolling in a plan that costs less than $30 a month, and have access to many of the more advanced features that you may have never thought were possible. That is because VoIP is different from older phone service, or plain old telephone service (POTS). POTS service is extremely limited compared with VoIP, making it more difficult to accomplish your goals with traditional phone service. It is also very costly to obtain high-quality features that many people need to grow and scale their businesses.

Being able to scale your business is very important. As you grow or change demand, adjust marketing strategies or make operational changes, you need to know that you can rapidly change how your business functions and how your phone system operates. VoIP makes it much cheaper to do that and makes it more possible to adjust your phone system along the way.

2. VoIP for Small Business

VoIP is wonderful for small businesses, since it is so easy to scale VoIP phone services as your business changes. You are not stuck with a specific plan or number of users, so as you grow and hire more people, you are able to quickly make changes when you need to. You can reduce your business risk, too, because scaling is not too terribly difficult and you can always adjust your phone system back to a previous size if that is necessary. You can quickly add users and administrators, making it very simple to make big changes to your VoIP phone system.

Many VoIP vendors specialize in helping small businesses, so you will probably be able to find a vendor who has experience helping companies like yours. Maybe even in the same industry or with similar business models. Having a vendor that knows your business is important, even vital, to the success of your business. You need to be sure your vendor knows how to help your company reach goals and excel in the marketplace.

3. Choosing a VoIP Vendor and Plan

As you look for a VoIP vendor, think carefully about your needs and the vendor’s experience with businesses like yours. If they have substantial experience already, that is often a great sign that they are capable of helping your organization reach the next level with your phone service. You need to be sure your company does plenty of research to identify the best possible options. You should write down any questions you have and keep track of the features that seem like they would be the most helpful. As you begin shopping, if possible talk with your peers or coworkers to help you generate ideas of where to shop. You can look around and find plenty of good ideas, if you get creative. Choosing a vendor is easier to do if you involve others in the decision and research. On our website, we have plenty of great resources for you to consider—this should help with the research and background information you need to make your choice successful.

4. Moving Forward with VoIP: Security and Other Issues

After implementing a VoIP plan, begin carefully taking care of security and other challenges you may face. Secure your system, paying attention to weaknesses and potential problems within your own organization, such as possible social engineering problems. Social engineering takes advantage of vulnerable people who are unfamiliar with the danger hackers and scammers pose to others. They trick people into clicking harmful links inside emails, they call up your company asking questions that can provide them access to your computer systems, and they do other malicious activity that can hurt your organization’s reputation. It is worthwhile to provide good training on the risks of hacking and how to prevent social engineering.

If you encounter problems with your phone system, such as interference or latency, you may be able to get help from your vendor’s technical support, you may choose to resolve the problem yourself or you may decide to hire on-site technical support and administrators. Whatever you do, take care of your equipment, make frequent updates and upgrades if your software needs it, and have a good broadband Internet connection with plenty of bandwidth. Try to reserve bandwidth on your other activities so it is available for your phones, if you share a connection between departments. This can help you make your phone system more effective.


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