How to Stay Organized as a One-Person Business

It’s hard to maintain a balanced work-life schedule these days. In fact, Ernst and Young found that one of the reasons people quit their jobs is due to an unbalanced schedule. Ditching the traditional 9-to-5 and opting to work for yourself can offer a solution to many who are looking for more flexibility in their careers and a rewarding experience.

But the stress of staying organized as a one-person business and maintaining that work-life balance is a daunting process that doesn’t happen overnight. Relying on outsourced help and tech tools can help solopreneurs stay productive.

Organize your office

Tackling your office is the first place to start in your quest to stay organized. Create a dedicated work space that is free of clutter and major distractions. If you need a home office that doesn’t double as your bedroom, rent a temporary space instead. Co-working spaces are mainstream in most major cities and can offer an office away from home a few days a week. And if you just need a desk for special projects or an entire conference room for meetings, ShareDesk can connect you with business owners looking to fill vacant space in their own offices. You’ll get the perks of all the office equipment and support without the monthly rent.

Move to the cloud

Get rid of the mounting paperwork and laptop drives by moving them online. Scan your documents and upload them to a cloud-based server like Dropbox, and access them anytime, whether you’re at home or at a meeting.

Cloud services extend past servers and digital storage. Instead of traditional phone lines, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) offers comprehensive business solutions, including cloud communication phone platforms, mobile apps, online meetings and business short message service (SMS). With VoIP, you can ultimately reduce your need for multiple phone platforms, slash costs and stay organized.

Streamline your finances

It’s been said that bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a business. Eliminate the man hours spent on payroll, expensing and bookkeeping by hiring a virtual bookkeeper. Bench provides virtual bookkeepers to organize your finances only when you need it. You can also hire a bookkeeper just for year-end support to help organize financials for tax time.

Outsource your busy work

Bookkeeping isn’t the only time-consuming task you can outsource. From data entry to making cold calls, a virtual assistant from Zirtual can act as your right-hand to help keep your business running. You only pay for the hours you need to get special projects off the ground or to retain an ongoing support staff for your year-round needs.

If you can’t outsource your business tasks, virtual assistants can also handle your personal ones. Fancy Hands can tackle your travel itineraries, wait on hold with your cable company to resolve an issue or find the best deal on your new office desk.

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