Industry Leading Business VoIP: Nextiva Call Center Pro vs. Enterprise

In an effort to integrate telephony more closely with CRM and enterprise systems to develop UC, businesses are rapidly switching to VoIP telephony. No other business is benefiting from this more than call centers, which have an expanded need for telephony functionality (at an affordable cost). Nextiva is one of the leading VoIP options for call centers, so this article will discuss business VoIP: Nextiva Call Center Pro vs. Enterprise services.

Industry Leading Call Center VoIP

Interesting to note, Nextiva has been recommended by thought leadership in the SMB industry, specifically, in an article found on Business News Daily called: “Nextiva Review: Best Business Phone System for Call Centers”, written on January 4, 2016 by Chad Brooks. By the way, this top recommendation concurs with Top10VoIPList.

This is an extensive article detailing: customer service, features, cost, reliability, and ease of use. Some highlighted quotes include:

“What makes Nextiva so appealing to businesses with a call center is its reliability. Nextiva had the highest reported uptime over the last year (99.999 percent)…Nextiva’s pricing structure of only having to purchase call center services for your call center team helps make it such an attractive option…When it comes to features, Nextiva has everything you would need in both an office and call center phone system…few offered us better customer service than Nextiva…What makes it such an attractive option is that rather than having to purchase two separate phone systems – one for your call center and one for the rest of your business – the Nextiva system is able to handle it all.”

Nextiva Call Center Pro vs. Enterprise

Nextiva is obviously doing something right to get such a great review, especially, considering the competition is so thick in the business VoIP industry. Now that we agree that this is a quality service to consider, let’s discuss the differences between the two call center options Nextiva offers. What’s the difference and which one is the best option?

Much of the expanded functionality call centers need to streamline their workflow is included with each of these, yet there are some distinct differences. The specific functions Enterprise gives vs. Pro are:

Front Office:

    • Forced Delivery of Calls
    • Night and Holiday Service
    • Whisper Messages

These front office functions help to ensure no calls are lost, whether the caller presses an option or not, and with calls coming in after hours. These functions are, especially, helpful in streamlining calls for remote agents, by expanding queuing services and distinguishing where the call is coming from with whisper messages.

Business Integration:

    • Flexible Disposition Codes
    • Flexible Unavailable Codes

Call centers with expanded business integration needs can add these attributes to their service, which allow agents to discriminately tag calls with promotions or other targeted info. Also, supervisors will have expanded BI when it comes to an agent’s unavailability, in order to gauge performance.

Supervisor Controls:

    • Queued Call Management
    • Silent Monitoring & Call Barge-In

Supervisors and management will gain expanded functionality by being able to silently monitor their agents’ calls and, even, barge-in if needed. This helps with quality assurance and training, creating a three-way conference bridge. Supervisors also gain more management controls with call queuing, allowing them to: specify priority order across multiple queued calls and designate agents as available.

Quality Assurance:

    • DNIS Support
    • Disposition Code Status
    • Priority Queue Routing
    • Outgoing Call Control

Call recording is the only quality assurance function both the Pro and Enterprise Call Center services have in common; otherwise, these four expanded quality assurance functions are available only with Enterprise. These functions help call centers to: associate multiple numbers to the primary number for routing or messages, expand their ability to tag calls with promotions, expand call queuing functions with multiple settings, and display the calling line ID for outgoing calls from call center phones.


These are the expanded functions call centers get when choosing Nextiva Call Center Enterprise service over Pro. The cost of Pro is $50/mo and Enterprise $100/mo, both have no setup fees.


Nextiva business VoIP telephony is well rated and recommended by leading SMB industry publications, as well as by Top10VoIPList, especially, for businesses with call centers. Knowing if these call center businesses need Enterprise or Pro, depends on whether the call center is the main function of the business – if it is, then, likely, yes.

We’ve highlighted the extra functionality Enterprise gives over Pro when it comes to Nextiva’s Call Center services, yet, keep in mind: these two have many other features in common. The list is too long to surmise in this conclusion, but suffice it to say, they’re robust and comprehensive. There’s a good reason why SMBs are rapidly adopting business VoIP telephony solutions (especially hosted), and call center businesses are, likely, benefiting the most.

Top10VoIPList has done the research, vetting, and comparing of the top business VoIP telephony providers available, in order to save businesses time and effort when deciding on which one to choose. We understand the positive impact business VoIP brings to day-to-day workflow, and are here to make the process of deciding easier. Please contact us to learn more or with any questions.

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