Is Hosted VoIP PBX Good for Your Business?

Businesses that have more than one person answering their phones typically route calls through PBX systems. After all, the alternative is to have a separate line for each phone, and the cost of doing that quickly becomes prohibitive. For years, this meant that there was no real choice for most companies.

The Problems of Traditional PBX Systems

The experience of dealing with a PBX system is often less than optimal. PBX hardware can be hard to understand, and in turn, hard to configure or change. Physical rewiring can also be needed when it’s time to add or remove a phone from the system, and this adds another layer of complexity to the operation.

Buying an on-site system also requires a substantial investment, and for small or medium-sized businesses, this money is often greatly needed elsewhere. Leasing the system can lower the initial cost, but it makes it so that charges never end. Since such systems are associated with landlines and businesses, the leasing charges can be substantial.

The Solution to PBX Hardware Problems

For years, there was no way around the issues that surrounded PBX systems. Thankfully, that has recently changed. Advances in VoIP technology have made it so that hosted VoIP PBX is a very viable alternative. These systems are remotely hosted on the servers of VoIP service providers. This configuration, also known as cloud-based PBX, eliminates the need to buy expensive hardware. It also does away with the need to fight with complex physical configurations or do rewiring jobs to make changes. Everything is controlled by simply logging onto your VoIP provider’s site and updating the information stored in your account.

Is Special Phone Service Needed to Use Hosted PBX Systems?

Hosted VoIP PBX works with VoIP phone service, and this will need to be set up in order to get everything working. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem for most businesses. Existing business phones can usually be used with adapters. Several other phone set options also exist, and providers typically work with at least a few of them.

Is it Expensive to Upgrade to VoIP Phone Service?

No. In fact, your company will almost surely save money. VoIP service eliminates long distance and per-minute costs, and for most, this will bring about an immediate reduction in costs. As already mentioned, VoIP service that includes the PBX feature will also free your business from having to buy or lease expensive hardware or deal with difficult reconfiguration tasks. This service also comes with a wide variety of other features, and you can choose the ones your company needs without having to sign up for anything redundant.

How is the Sound?

VoIP service is capable of delivering call quality that is just as good as that provided by landlines. All your company needs to obtain full quality is a hardwired broadband internet connection. Cable internet is generally considered best. Many businesses already have cable internet installed, and for these, no further wiring is needed. Those who don’t already have it should upgrade.

What Are Some of the Other Advantages of VoIP Compared to Landline Phone Service?

Cloud-based VoIP services offer many advantages over landlines. One of the most exciting is the ability to use your hosted VoIP PBX to send calls to phones outside of your building. This makes it so that your field personnel can be reached by customers who dial the main number. From the customer’s standpoint, it’s no different from calling someone who sits at an inside desk.

To learn more about the advantages of hosted VoIP PBX or VoIP service in general, just contact us. We’ll be glad to go over all of the 40+ features that the top providers offer today.

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