Is it Worth Switching Your Small or Medium Business to VoIP Service?

Making any sort of switch requires plenty of thought when you’re running a business. The wrong move could cost money, cause downtime, or generally end up with results that are worse than the original. Because of this, you will surely want to do research before switching your phone system from landline service to VoIP. Here are a few facts to help you answer the question of whether or not it’s worth it to switch to VoIP telephone service:

VoIP is Great for Companies with High Call Volumes

Traditional business landline plans don’t just charge by the minute. They also charge for each individual call. This adds a huge amount of cost to the bills of companies that make or take a large number of calls.

VoIP plans have no per-call fees, and their per-minute fees are lower than those of some landline companies. This makes switching a great way for high-call-volume companies to save money.

Have you ever called someone in a town only five miles away and been hit with long-distance charges? This is a common scenario for businesses with typical landline plans. That’s because these plans typically designate only a tiny radius as “local” and charge extra for any calls to locations outside of that circle. For service companies, realtors, and others who must regularly call customers who aren’t right next door, this is a very bad situation.

It’s simply logical to switch to VoIP if your company is commonly hit with long-distance fees. That’s because VoIP providers don’t charge extra for such calls. In fact, you can call all the way across the country and a VoIP company still won’t charge extra!

VoIP Frees You From Being Tethered to a Phone

This feature is great for business people who normally travel during the day. It’s also excellent for companies that have outside staff. How it works is simple: You set up your account to seamlessly forward calls to a cell phone or other numbers as needed. Customers still call into your main number as usual, but when a remote person’s extension is used, the system sends the call to wherever they happen to be.

Many landline companies have time-dependent contracts, and changing them can incur hefty fees. This is fine for companies whose calling needs are the same year-in and year-out, but it’s a killer for businesses that experience large seasonal changes in call volume. If your company is seasonal, it’s definitely a good idea to switch to VoIP. When you do, you’ll be able to adjust your minute allowance up and down, add or remove extensions, and add or remove features with just a few clicks – and with no charges for changing the specifics of your plan.

VoIP Plans Let You Choose Features A la Carte Style

One of the big problems of landline plans is that they don’t offer features individually. Instead, they’re typically bundled together, with some bundles only available at higher service levels. This is a big problem if you only need one feature in a particular bundle – you may be forced to accept an entire expensive package just to get it.

You won’t have this problem with VoIP plans. These plans let you select each feature individually, so you’re never stuck with a package that only has one feature that you’ll really use. This can result in significant savings for your business.

If any of these features or scenarios applies to your business, it’s a good idea to go ahead and switch to VoIP. To learn more about VoIP and the many other benefits it can bring, just contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you find the perfect provider and plan.

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