Is Nextiva Good?

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Is Nextiva Good?

Nextiva regularly features among top 3 in any list of ‘best VoIP Providers’. Often, they top this list. So what is it that earns them that much sought-after top spot? Are they really that good? A look at what they offer and what their customers say about them can give us an interesting insight into the secret of Nextiva’s success.

Overview of the Company

Nextiva is committed to simplifying how businesses communicate. This is evident in their powerful yet user-friendly suites. All of their product offerings are easy to set up, easy to use and designed to streamline business communications.

A privately owned company, Nextiva has come a long way since their launch in 2006. Today the company serves more than 60,000 businesses. They count several well-known business giants as their clients, including Delta Airlines, Conan O’Brien, Taco Bell, the Buffalo Sabres and Ashley Furniture among others. These are not companies that would settle for second-best. The fact that these established companies trust Nextiva to handle their business communications speaks volumes about the Nextiva’s services.

On their website, Nextiva claims that their goal is “to make owning and running your business easier, less costly and more profitable”. A look at what they offer and their surprisingly affordable prices is proof that their goal stays at the forefront of everything they do.

All Nextiva’s tools are super easy to learn. This saves businesses a lot of time and money that they would otherwise have to spend on training staff how to use the new technology and software. All team members can get right to it and work without any interruption at all.

Business with multiple locations benefit from extension dialing, call routing, call forwarding, and much more, all of which are valuable tools for any multi-location business.

The US based support team offers incredibly efficient customer service, whether it’s by phone, email, or live chat.

Their website is very easy to navigate so both existing and prospective customers can quickly find the information they need on any product that Nextiva offers.

Most important of all, the phone systems have unmatched reliability, with an uptime of 99.99%. A look at the uptime status tracker on Nextiva’s website shows almost no extended outages. This is thanks to the redundancy built into their systems, which allows for uninterrupted connection regardless of scheduled maintenance or unexpected accidents.


A Look at What Nextiva Offers

Nextiva offers several unique features and tools, competitive pricing, fair terms, and unrivalled reliability, all of which help them clinch that elusive top spot year after year.

Nextiva’s Business Communication Suite includes all standard VoIP features plus a slew of other cool features that promise a smarter and better experience for everyone. It’s impossible to list them all, but here’s a snapshot of some of their more innovative features:

  • Advanced Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail To Email Conversion
  • 3-Way Conference
  • Call Broadcast
  • Business Text Messaging
  • Auto Attendant
  • Custom Ring Tone
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Nextiva Toolbar That Integrates With Firefox, Outlook And IE Browers
  • Call Recording
  • Conference Calling
  • Music On Hold
  • Pre-Connection Message
  • Softphone Support


Nextiva’s NextOS platform takes the company’s offerings to a whole new level. NextOS is a single unified business platform. It integrates 4 different technologies that were earlier offered separately – Nextiva Voice, Nextiva ServiceCRM, Nextiva Surveys, and Nextiva Chat. This unified communications platform helps companies get valuable insights about their customers and unlock sales opportunities that they may otherwise have overlooked. For businesses looking to boost sales and profits, this is pure gold!


Their latest introduction, the Nextiva App, allows users to access their account information from any supported mobile device. With this app, virtual and mobile employees can now connect with the corporate business communications system anytime and from anywhere. This is yet another way for business users to leverage unified communications to operate more efficiently.


Other innovative products include Virtual Business Phone Plans, PBX SIP Trunking Plans and vFax Plans. The Hosted Call Center is especially designed for Call Centers. All of Nextiva’s products were developed taking into consideration the requirements of businesses of all types and scopes.


Nextiva’s Pricing

This is where Nextiva really scores. They’ve stayed true to their goal of helping companies grow their business affordably. Their pricing options are flexible and scalable, which is especially useful for startups and smaller businesses.

Nextiva’s customers have the option of starting out with only the features that they need at that point in time. As their business grows, they can then keep scaling up with additional features. This can come as a complete relief to small and mid size businesses that often operate with bootstrap budgets.

Nextiva offers 3 basic plans:

  1. The Basic Plan starts at $20 per month per user
  2. The Pro Plan starts at $25 per month per user
  3. The Enterprise Plan starts at $30 per month per user

The price keeps decreasing as you add more users to the plan. While the Pro plan includes only basic phone system features, you still get everything you need to get to get your business running smoothly and profitably.

With the higher plans, you can expect more features, such as conference calls, group calls, and more.

Businesses who are looking to test the service or who are hesitant to commit to long term service can avail of Nextiva’s month to month service plan. It works out a bit more expensive but it meets their short term requirements. Those ready to sign a 36-month contract enjoy the lowest pricing.

What Nextiva’s Customers Are Saying

Customer feedback is the ultimate indicator of how good a company really is. Trust customers to tell it like it is when things go bad. So what are Nextiva’s customers saying about their experience?

Most customers claim that their overall experience with Nextiva has been excellent and they would have no reservations about recommending them as a software service provider. Nextiva’s robust communications systems along with their flexible, scalable solutions have garnered high praise from all quarters. Their low price point for the quality of services they offer remains a regular talking point for all of Nextiva’s customers.

Customers love the fact that their client communications improved significantly since they signed up with the service.

The recent introduction of their new mobile Nextiva App has tipped the scales even more in Nextiva’s favor. Customers see it as the company continuing to stay committed to offering businesses flexible solutions. For many prospective customers, the Nextiva App has become the key differentiating factor.

Their exceptional customer service, and the constant system updates are other features that regularly receive high praise.

Is Nextiva Good? The Verdict

With a long list of useful features provided even with the basic plan, affordable pricing, and unparalleled customer support, it’s not surprising that Nextiva often leaves its competition biting their dust.

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