Is VoIP Best for Your Small or Medium-Sized Business?

With the surge in popularity, VoIP phone service is enjoying, you may wonder if it’s worth it to join this wave of technological advancement. After all, by the way VoIP sites talk, it’s the greatest thing to have come out in the last few years. However, you likely know that not all businesses will really benefit from making a change. This is simply because every business has a slightly different communication situation, and not all of these situations are best solved by VoIP service.

Fortunately, it isn’t hard to determine whether you should make the switch or wait. Here are some of the key things that indicate that switching to VoIP will be worth it:


Your Company Handles a Large Number of Calls

With traditional business landline plans, call centers and other high-volume phone users find that costs add up quickly. This is because landline companies typically have per-call fees on top of fees for minutes and distance. VoIP plans, on the other hand, do not have per-call fees and only charge according to minutes used. Therefore, if your company is dealing with more than a handful of calls a day, it’s almost always a good idea to switch.

Your Business Needs to Call Outside of a Small Local Area

Long-distance charges are the next banes of landline users. They affect both business and residential customers, but they add up faster for companies due to the higher call volumes involved. If your company needs to call outside of the tiny radius that a landline company considers to be “local,” it needs to switch to VoIP. VoIP plans let you call anywhere in the country without adding any long-distance charges.

You Don’t Want the Hassles of Physical PBX Systems

PBX hardware is typically thought of as being a must-have for companies that want to be able to have extension systems. The problem is that this hardware is often hard to understand and difficult to customize. With a VoIP plan, you never have to fight with old-fashioned PBX hardware. Instead, you simply enter your extension information on the screen at the provider’s website, and their equipment takes care of everything else. It changes a big job into a quick, simple operation.

Your Company Needs a Unified Phone System Between Multiple Locations

One of the most exciting features of VoIP is its ability to combine regular PBX functions with external phone numbers. To put it simply, someone can call your main number, enter an extension as usual, and be invisibly connected to someone outside of your building. This is great if you have outside salespeople who get calls while they’re in the field. The feature can also be used to allow you to forward calls to branch locations or other places outside of the office receiving them.

You Want to Choose Specific Features Instead of Bundles

Landline phone companies often offer their features in bundles instead of separately. They also seem to put a single popular feature in with a bundle of things that most customers wouldn’t sign up for, forcing such customers to buy all of the useless ones in order to get the good one. VoIP frees you from this trap. Providers offer features on a one-by-one basis, so you only pay for what you’ll actually use.

You Want Lower Plan Costs

VoIP plans tend to be cheaper than business landline equivalents. Those who think their baseline phone bill is too high should look into making the switch.

These are some of the many reasons to switch your company over to a VoIP business plan. To learn more and get specific plan recommendations, just contact us. We’ll be glad to help ensure that your business realizes all of the possible benefits of VoIP.

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