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Unlimited Calling and Texting
Unlimited Conferencing
CRM & App Integrations

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Trending Small Business VoIP Phone Systems

Nextiva’s phone system is by far the best I’ve used. I was with a different provider and was having issues so when our contract was up, we switched to Nextiva, and boy am I happy we did…

- - Tom S.
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What I really like about OnSip, is their incredibly easy-to-use online portal. They make it really simple to add and remove features and forward calls to your cell phone, which is great

- -Phill M.
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We signed up with Jive about a month ago and it was a pretty quick set up process and the support staff was helpful and professional. At this time I really don’t have any complaints. So far, so good.

- -Sarah L.
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What to Look for In a Business VoIP Provider

When shoppers ask which is the best VoIP service or who are the top VoIP providers, no two answers should ever be the same. Keep in mind, that the best VoIP service for one individual or business, might not be the most ideal for you. It’s all about finding a VoIP provider that can cater to your specific needs. Users should consider these factors when selecting a VoIP provider:

1. Support – is there 24/7 support offered? What are the support options and where is the center-based.

2. Reliability/Down Time – How often is the system scheduled to be down for upgrades and maintenance?

3. Quality of Service – Be sure the provider is able to deliver high-quality calls at all times.

4. Versatility – Look for a provider who is able to grow and shift along with you and your needs.

Once familiarized with VoIP services, hone in on what these features can do for you and how to transition to the next level. First and foremost, is cost – a universal concern for anyone. Check the provider’s plans and pricing and be sure they’re the most cost-efficient for your calling needs. There is also quality & reliability, portability, customer support, and a satisfaction guarantee; all key factors that may be clinchers or deal-breakers when going through the process.


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