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Having been in operations since 1973, Mitel is one of the longest standing and most established telecommunication companies in North America. Traditionally, the company’s chief focus was on the development and provision of PBX systems for larger enterprises. Following suit with the widespread popularity of VOIP communications, Mitel has completely restructured in hopes of leveraging consumer demands for IP telecommunications and now offers infrastructure for high-powered business VoIP. AnyWare Hosted PBX, first launched in 2012, is a cloud-based unified communications solution that allows businesses to leverage the company’s popular Freedom Architecture and select from virtual or managed solutions.





The Pros

Mitel has experienced tremendous growth over four decades. This is due largely to the ability to recognize and forecast changing trends in the telecom sphere and also to utilize innovative technology to develop products and services that keep pace in evolving market sectors. The company offers a wide array of customizable solutions.

The virtual communications datacenter, Mitel MiCloud, is built on VMware, meaning that pricing can be adjusted based on the number of users and applications needed. Adopting a communications infrastructure as a service (IaaS) model gives businesses the ability to establish a network capable of servicing up to 50,000 end-users. The Mitel system is managed in a secured environment, meeting HIPAA, SOX and PCI regulatory compliances and comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Technically speaking, every service offered by Mitel is cloud-based and wholly managed, however, the option for on premise solutions does exist. Services available to businesses include:

  • MiVoice for calling
  • MiContact for contact center operations
  • MiCollab for collaborative and telepresence applications
  • …and more

The Cons

Similar to other providers catering only to enterprise-grade business, direct pricing models are not available. 3rd party services may come at varying costs for configuration of Mitel services, making it essential to obtain quotes prior to implementation.

There have been no complaints about Mitel’s customer service capabilities. However, there have been criticisms about the quality of service of the product itself. Most of these complaints focus on things like echoing, choppiness, and volume control and are likely attributed to internal factors like Internet bandwidth and network configuration.

Despite having their own mobile voice and data infrastructure, Mitel does not support BYOD clients; meaning that businesses utilizing the service must supply Mitel compatible devices to their employees in order to experience the benefits.

The Plan

Mitel offers customizable, cloud-based VOIP services designed for larger business, not exceeding 50,000 end-users.

  • Highly flexible communication solution, managed on next-generation, cloud-based infrastructure
  • Premise-based solutions are available, in limited situations
  • Every solution comes with access to every feature listed for the service, no fees for premium features exist
  • Zero upfront costs, most of the hardware needed is included in the quoted price
  • Superior customer support and fast response times
  • Provides its own inventory of phones with a wide variety of features available

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For businesses requiring a feature rich and highly scalable communications services that place a heavy focus on functionality, Mitel is a provider of choice. Although originally designed for larger businesses, small businesses with multiple office locations might also be able to harness this service.

Establishing a contact center is crucial for most businesses who rely on voice communications. The majority of users are greatly satisfied with the support and service that they receive.

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