Nextiva and Their Amazing App

Nextiva: it’s amongst the best business phone systems with several locations. It is a cloud-based VoIP system which may be spread across multiple stores and offices, but still, be managed from a single central platform. All in all, its phone system is very reliable, has a plethora of valuable features, as well as offers excellent customer support.

Besides being amongst the top business phone systems with several locations, Nextiva is amongst our leading contenders for the top small business phone systems.


Support: Live chat, email, and phone

Mobile app: Android and iOS devices

Costs: $19.95 – $44.95/ user/ month

Hosting: Cloud

Phone service: VoIP

Best for: Business that have multiple locations and small businesses

Reliability and System

Nextiva Office, Nextiva’s cloud-based VoIP system, does not need any complicated on-site wiring or hardware. All it requires are IP phones and high-speed internet access.

It’s perfect for businesses that have several locations because the system may operate in each store or office by the users merely plugging IP phones inside Ethernet ports. Then, the system automatically syncs all the locations and permits them to become managed from the exact same platform online.

The whole system is configured and run through Nextiva’s portal online, divided within multiple sections: billing, usage, services, and account setup. Its portal online is utilized to add staff into the system, assign user IDs and phone numbers, create call queue priorities and routes, as well as record automated greetings. Also, the portal may be utilized to designate which features every employee may access.

The reliability of Nextiva is part of what makes its system perfect for businesses that have several locations. Its system’s solid track record of continually being in operation may provide businesses running in more than one state or city assurance that the phone service within each of their locations always will be in operation.

Nextiva possesses a reported uptime of 99.999%. This means that, around its system and amongst its 20 million consumers, phone connectivity is down for just a few minutes every year.

They take several measures to accomplish this type of high uptime. One includes using several data centers to house its system. With the setup, if a single-center goes down, all data seamlessly rolls over to another location; therefore, phone service never is interrupted. Also, every data center is highly secure. They’re all SSAE 16 certified, as well as SOC II audited, plus, they provide PCI-DSS certification. Besides several data centers, they have 5 points of presence all throughout the country, with a couple more planned down the road.

In addition to its traditional phone system, they also provide PBX SIP trunking, cloud storage, online fax service, virtual-only system, and call center services.


Nextiva Office provides virtually every tool and features a small business might require in a phone system. That involves unlimited long-distance and local calling, an automated attendant, unlimited online faxing, conference calling, music on hold, HD call connections, as well as the choice to receive voicemails through text messages and emails.

One excellent tool for companies that have several locations is its shared call appearance feature. It permits multiple phones to have the exact same line assigned to them. It allows staff members to receive and make phone calls on their own lines from more than a single location. It might be particularly valuable for any team members who work within more than one of an organization’s offices.

The feature ‘Nextiva Anywhere’ is a valuable tool for workers who oftentimes work outside the workplace. With this, staff members may have calls made to the business lines not just ring the desktop phones, yet any additional phones of their selection, like their home or mobile phones.

Also, the system includes free toll-free and local numbers, team presence indicators which display if co-workers are obtainable for a call, free number porting, as well as a barge-in tool allowing managers to not just monitor phone calls between customers and employees, yet to join in if necessary.

The mobile app of Nextiva, available on Android and iOS devices, allows staff members to receive and make calls upon their business lines, chat through instant message with co-workers, make video calls, have access to the business directory, and modify and update call settings, which include simultaneous ring options, advanced call-forwarding, and do-not-disturb options.

Besides the broad array of available features with Nextiva Office, its call center services involve a wealth of additional selections. Amongst the call center features available are advanced interactive voice-response systems which rapidly directs callers to the proper agent, and plays music, greetings, ads and occasional comfort announcements to callers who are on hold.

Also, it includes, calls recording, call queues and remote agent support feature which permits staff members to establish phone service for all call-center agents who are not situated inside the office. With it, remote workers may receive and make calls from anywhere, and manage the calls in the same way an in-office employee is able to.

Service Plan Options

Nextiva Office features 3 service plans – Office Enterprise, Office Pro Plus, and Office Pro – which vary in features and price. All plans have an array of prices which differ based upon the number of workers utilizing the system and whether or not a 3-year agreement gets signed.

Their Office Pro plan features the majority of the features the system provides, which includes voicemail-to-email, unlimited calling, music on hold, virtual faxing, the barge-in tool, and shared call appearance.

For 1 – 4 users, the plan is priced at $34.95/ user/ month without an agreement and $32.95/ user/ month for the ones who commit to a 3-year contract. The cost reduces by $5 for every user for businesses that have 5 – 19 users, $10/ employee for companies that have 21 – 99 users, and $13/ employee for companies that have over 100 employees.

Its Office Pro Plus plan has everything within their Office Pro plan in addition to a single professional recorded greeting, access to their mobile app, conference calling, and team presence feature. For companies that have 1 – 4 users, their plan is priced at $37.95/ user/ month without an agreement and $35.95/ user/ month for the ones who have a 3-year agreement. The price reduces by $5 for every user for companies that have 5 – 19 users, $10/ employee for companies that have 21 – 99 users, and $13/ employee for companies that have over 100 employees.

The priciest selection is their Office Enterprise plan. It features all things in the Office Pro plan in addition to 3 professional recorded greetings, Nextiva Anywhere features, and call recording. For companies that have 1 – 4 users, the plan Is priced at $44.95/ user/ month without an agreement and $42.95/ user/ month for the ones who have a 3-year agreement. The price reduces by $5 for every user for companies that have 5 – 19 users, $10/ employee for companies that have 21 – 99 users, and $13/ employee for companies that have over 100 employees.

Nextiva’s App is right on the path to take business mobility to the next level by offering users the freedom to manage and use their business phone system any time, any location. Nextiva App is the main point of access for business users that want to manage their unified communications.

It never has been easier to utilize video, voice, presence and instant messaging services from one device. Users may access business phone account

details and feature settings from their tablet, computer, or mobile device.

This app is supported on Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms.

Benefits of Nextiva App

The app permits a new productivity and flexibility level which really changes

the way in which businesses run. No longer tied to control panel interfaces or required to have any system administrators make changes, consumers instantly can update their communications service from any location.

  • Voice Calling – Receive and make calls from any device as you display your

Business phone number to the ones you’re calling

  • Video Collaboration – Save travel costs and time as you connect

one-on-one virtually using HD video calls with additional users on Nextiva App

  • Presence – Adjust availability settings or check the status of contacts seamlessly to

choose the best method and time to reach them.

  • Chat Rooms and IM – Interact in instant messages or activate chat rooms with

coworkers which simultaneously appear on several devices

  • Cloud Sync – All your voice mails, contacts, settings and call history are

synced simultaneously to the cloud and obtainable on any device upon a Nextiva account

  • Call Pulling – Easily transfer your active video and voice calls between your

mobile and office phone

  • Call Management – Control all outgoing and incoming call settings right from

Your Nextiva App and settings are going to sync to your additional devices

  • Desktop Sharing – Share the screen with customers and colleagues for easy collaboration


Nextiva’s app is compatible with Nextiva Enterprise and Office Pro Plus plans and quickly may be added to customer accounts.

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