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Nextiva is a leading provider of enterprise-grade VoIP and virtual PBX solutions. Not only do they provide superior quality service and affordable options, they also encourage maximum profitability for their customers. Their mission is to deliver small and midsized businesses with tangible communications services that rival those of larger corporations.

As a comprehensive provider of services in the cloud, Nextiva offers three PBX platforms, each with low costs and zero set-up fees, as well as a huge list of standard benefits.

For businesses with more complex needs, Nextiva provides an inbound answering service and a PBX SIP trunking service fully interoperable with any VoIP platform with SIP protocol. The advanced contact center options are, without question, the most interesting feature.





The Pros

  • Competitive pricing
  • An impressive list of features and options
  • A variety of different platforms
  • No contracts, set-up or start-up fees
  • Unlimited plans are available
  • Free local number
  • Free professional voice greetings
  • Easy integration with leading business software
  • Single system for voice, text, and fax (with a single bill)

The Cons

  • Already existing vanity numbers may be difficult to port
  • New vanity numbers may need to be purchased separately
  • Some features may require upgrade costs

The Plan

Nextiva offers a complete series of PBX system option, the majority of which fall under the Nextiva Office portfolio. There are three plans to choose from: Office Pro, Office Pro Plus, and Office Enterprise. Monthly costs range from $20 to $50 per line. This may be a costly pursuit for businesses needing only a handful (less than 4) lines.

Office Pro

The Nextiva Office Pro virtual PBX platform provides unified voice, conferencing, email and mobile cloud management, as well as a variety of presence options. Advantageously, it is possible to leverage a complete virtual PBX without the need for onsite hardware or professional installation.

The standard Office Pro package was designed for small businesses requiring minimal administrative assistance, however, that does not mean it is without a few bells and whistles. The package includes a number of free services such as unlimited local calling, free number porting, and even toll-free numbers.

Every PBX option offered by Nextiva includes unlimited eFax and domestic calling – huge savings potential when compared to providers who bill per minute or have costly overage charges.

As a true unified communication platform, Office Pro provides unlimited voicemail-to-email, hold music and the ability to share a single number across multiple platforms, making it easier for employees to receive business phone calls regardless of where they happen to be.

Cost: $20 – $35/line/month

Office Pro Plus

For businesses requiring a little more support, the mid-tier Office Pro Plus plan offers all of the standard features, available with the Office Pro plan and then some.

In addition to the standard services, users will also receive 3 professionally recorded greetings (instead of the standard 1) and a conferencing bridge capable of supporting calls with up-to 10 participants. Additional bridges area available for a fee of $20/month/bridge.

Users will also receive access to the revolutionary Nextiva App for smartphone and tablet use. This app has been designed to converge voice and video, along with an optional IM service to facilitate best-in-class communications.

Cost: $23 – $38/line/month

Office Enterprise

Perhaps the most comprehensive virtual PBX solution provided, Office Enterprise was engineered for businesses with multiple departments or stronger operational goals. Office Enterprise packs a punch.

Not only do users benefit from all of the standard features available with both Office Pro and Office Pro Plus, but they also get an additional 2 professional recorded greetings and access to ground-breaking services like Team Presence, call recording, call monitoring, silent call barging and an impressive attendant console that allows management to add, remove and monitor lines.

Cost: $30 to $45/line/month

Standard Feature Options

Every virtual PBX offered by Nextiva includes the following standard features:

  • Unlimited calling and eFax
  • Unlimited North America-wide long distance
  • Locally-based customer support
  • Tiered automated attendants
  • Call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID
  • HD Voice
  • Group paging
  • Interactive web interface
  • Dial-by-name and extension dialing
  • Voicemail-to-email
  • Unlimited hunt groups

Feature Add-ons

Nextiva also offers a variety of Call Center Services that can be added to a PBX. They include:

    • Automated attendant recordings
    • Afterhours service
    • Integration with Outlook and other email services
    • Remote agent support
    • Call recording, call monitoring
    • Supervisor dashboards and real-time agent management

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Nextiva is a fantastic solution for growing businesses. Their virtual PBX provides a comprehensive range of support and customizable services, including unlimited calling, vFax, and a variety of unified communications features designed to aid in business innovation. Nextiva is especially beneficial for businesses with high call volumes, or those requiring call center quality assurance tools. Their highest tiered option allows for things like call recording, call monitoring and takeovers – something that not many virtual PBX providers offer.

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