Nextiva vs RingCentral 2017:  Business VoIP Showdown

When it comes to finding the best VoIP solution for your business, you’re going to have a lot of different options to choose from. Nextiva and RingCentral are two leading companies that should come to mind first.

You need a business VoIP system that allows you to both improve communication with your customers, as well as streamline your internal communication process. Both these services can aid you in solving that need.

Below we break down the features of Nextiva and RingCentral each provides, their varying service plans, and see how they each stack up with customer support and reliability.

Nextiva and RingCentral Feature Breakdown

Both Nextiva and RingCentral are packed with features that will help you better track and manage calls, along with furthering internal team communication. They both have different approaches to this, but overall they offer great services that can help any team grow.

RingCentral Features

RingCentral has been a player in the business VoIP space for quite some time, and currently, boast a customer base of over 300,000. No matter which plan you choose you’ll find a feature-packed suite of tools to help you better serve your customers.

They offer a wide array of international numbers, toll-free numbers, local numbers, and even list your number in business directories.

They run on Cloud PBX, which will provide you with a wide array of features like:

  • Call analytics to track performance and optimize performance.
  • Role-based access to help speed up employee onboarding.
  • A global office to better connect and manage your diverse array of phone and business systems.
  • Team collaboration and communication channels across voice, text, video, chat, and email.
  • Integration support for dozens of other business applications like Salesforce, Oracle, DropBox, and more.

Nextiva Features

Nextiva has been scaling their offerings in order to serve a wider scope of businesses. Their three tiers of service offerings are surely enough to fit your business needs.

They offer incredible features that extend beyond simple call management and allow you to greatly improve team communication and offer a variety of call features to your customers.

Like RingCentral, they also run on Cloud PBX and offer you features like:

  • A unified communication platform to better manage and track internal communication.
  • A cloud-based attendant system that offers professional voice recordings and redirection.
  • On-demand conference tools to immediately connect with team members.
  • Unlimited calls and faxing for every service plan.
  • Mobile app access for higher level service plans.

Service Plans and Pricing

Both Nextiva and RingCentral are Cloud PBX providers, which can easily replace your existing outdated phone system. Since they’re both hosted platforms all of the heavy lifting is taken care of for you, just sign up for the service and you’re all set.

They’re both equipped with an online dashboard, mobile apps, and features to help your team get work done faster. Below we take a look at the main plans that both RingCentral and Nextiva have to offer.

RingCentral Service Plans

RingCentral offers three different plan levels to cater to a variety of business types. Like Nextiva, they’re also based on a Cloud PBX system for easy management and scalability. Below we take a look at their three plans in depth.


Their standard plan is a great fit for small to medium-sized business. It costs $24.99 per month. Their starter plan is also equipped with their mobile app, which is a nice touch. Their standard plan also includes these features:

  • Their call and phone management system
  • Unlimited calling
  • Unlimited conference calling and fax
  • Video conferencing
  • Mobile app access
  • Call log reports
  • 1000 toll-free minutes


If you have a slightly larger business and require a bit more features, then their premium plan might be right up your ally. This plan costs $34.99 per month. You’ll get additional features like, more minutes, call recording, greater video conferring capabilities, and more:

  • 2500 total toll-free minutes
  • Video conferring for up to 25 participants
  • Caller ID name functionality
  • Automatic call recording
  • All the features of their Standard plan


Their highest level of service is their enterprise plan. This plan costs $44.99 per month and is suited for large-scale companies who need a business VoIP solution that can keep up. This plan includes:

  • 10,000 toll-free minutes
  • Video conferencing for up to 50 participants
  • Voicemail to text functionality
  • All of the features included in their Premium plan

Nextiva Service Plans 

Nextiva offers three different service plans to suit a variety of user needs. They go beyond the typical phone system and offer a complete collaboration and phone management system. Their three levels of service are broken down below.

Office Pro

Their most basic costs $19.95 per month, and gives you access to their Cloud PBX and basic phone system. This plan is suited for smaller business who primarily need a business VoIP system, without all the added frills. This plan also includes:

  • Unlimited calls
  • Free local number and toll-free number
  • Voicemail to email
  • Unlimited virtual faxing
  • Advanced call management
  • And more

Office Pro Plus

Their next level plan builds upon the features in their basic plan and costs $22.95 per month. If you have a larger team and you’re looking to add more management and collaboration tools, then this is a great choice. This plan also includes:

  •  A professionally recorded greeting
  • Conference bridge capabilities
  • The Nextiva mobile app
  • Call me now
  • Everything included in the Office Pro plan

Office Enterprise

Their final plan is a great choice for a large business who require a fully-featured business VoIP solution. This plan costs $29.95 per month. It’s equipped with tons of additional features to take your calling and call management to the next level. This plan also includes:

  • Three different professional recorded greetings
  • Call recording abilities
  • Their Nextiva Anywhere system to connect to mobile and home phones
  • All of the features included in the Office Pro Plus plan

Overall Reliability


There’s no point in upgrading your business phone system if it’s going to be down half the time. Luckily, that won’t be a problem with either of these networks. Both networks claim high levels of reliability, which is absolutely paramount for a business calling solution.

RingCentral offers a network design that includes two different server locations, this will help to ensure uptime, even if one of the server environments is taken offline. They also offer a service level agreement of 99.99% uptime.

Nextiva maintains a server environment of over 10 different server locations, so uptime is virtually guaranteed. They offer a similar claim of 99.99% network uptime.

Customer Support

Having a solid technical support team behind you will always make the transition to a new technology provider much easier. Both RingCentral and Nextiva offer dedicated support teams, along with helpful articles and tutorials to answer all of your pressing questions. Below we take a look at their support offerings in depth.

RingCentral has multiple means of dealing with your support requests. They offer a community forum that’s filled with customers and product experts to answer your questions, online chat, and call support.

Nextiva has more in-depth support resources, on top of existing support channels. They offer an extensive resource section that that will walk you through setting up any aspect of their services. They also have live chat support and phone support.

In Closing

One thing is clear, both Nextiva and RingCentral are two of the leading business VoIP providers on the market. Both offer very extensive networks, similar features, pricing plans, and levels of customer service. Overall, you can’t go wrong with either choice and will more-so depend upon the specific needs of your business.

Nextiva is a great fit if you’re looking for the cheapest option in regards to calling minutes, quality of data transfer, and overall customer service. While RingCentral is a great fit if you have a large international presence, are looking for additional features, and are looking for the most up to date technology to provide to your customers.

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