Onebox’s manufacturers describe it as ‘an all-in-one virtual phone solution’ featuring many of the same features as more complex systems. Features like automated attendants, recordable greetings, virtual faxing, conferencing tools, voicemail and more. Is the solution everything that it’s makers claim it to be?

  • The Pros

    • A generous availability of calling minutes: With both their Executive and Receptionist plans, Onebox offers an impressive 2000 minutes, with add-ons and extensions totalling up to a maximum of 5000 minutes.
    • Free toll-free calling number: Users benefit from a true 800 number at no additional cost, however, there have been reports that this service is not always available.
    • No number transfer costs: Local and toll free transfers are done at no additional cost.
  • The Cons

    • Limited add-on capabilities, not likely suitable for large businesses: Even at the Executive level, the system is limited to a single person call forwarding system. Even more concerning is the complete lack of availability of an automated attendant or professional greetings at the Executive level.
    • Not nearly as cost competitive as comparable competitors: Taking into account the limitations of the system, Onebox is one of the more costly solutions in the market. With the inclusion of add-ons, extra minutes, etc the monthly bill can quickly sky rocket.
    • Limited availability of extensions: The Executive plan does not come with extensions and other plans have only a limited number of available extensions.
    • Questionable customer service capability: Many users have reported poor customer service and lengthy wait times. Several reviews have noted receiving incorrect or difficult to understand responses when contacting customer and technical support, suggesting that the staff may not be as knowledgeable as the profess to be.
    • History of billing errors: Previously, Onebox had a BBB rating of F, this was due to a number of billing complaints, difficulty with account cancelations and excessive wait times. This has since been upgraded to a B, indicating that the company has made serious attempts at improvement.
  • The Plan

    Onebox is available in two individual plans, Executive and Receptionist.

    Onebox Receptionist

    • 2000, 3000, 4000 or 12000 minutes available
    • Additional minutes available for an added per minute fee
    • Costs ranging from $49.95 to $199.95 per month
    • 4, 10, 15 or 30 extensions
    • Extra extensions available for an added fee
    • Call recording and conferencing available at no cost, only with the $199.95 plan

    Onebox Executive

    • 100, 400 and 2000 minutes available
    • Costs ranging from $16.96 to $29.95 per month
    • No setup fees, long term contracts or early cancelation fees


Onebox may prove useful to anyone needing a simple forwarding system, not requiring a ton of features or extra minutes. However, the limited features and drawbacks of reports of customer service capabilities are concerning. There are several other vendors worth considering. As always, utilize trial offers and make an informed decision.

Overall Rating 4.0

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