Once known as Junction Networks, OnSIP delivers real-time communications to more than 50,000 companies. They endeavor to eliminate the cost restraints of traditional calling by offering businesses a more flexible, scalable and affordable VOIP software communications solution, and many positive OnSIP reviews indicate they are successful at this.

  • The Pros

    The system itself comes with more than 50 calling features, flexible configuration options and a number of different payment terms to suit any business. The company outpaces its closest competition by offering three pricing plans to choose from. This flexibility allows smaller businesses to choose a phone system based on their unique needs — and not on what a provider thinks they “should have.” This flexibility is a highlight mentioned in many OnSIP reviews.

    Each of the pricing plans offered by OnSIP allows businesses to reap the benefits of unlimited extensions, but they differ greatly based on how additional features are paid for. For example, under the “Pay as You Go” plan, each extension must purchase additional features a la carte.

    The Pay As You Go plan comes with five voicemail boxes, three auto attendants, three different ring groups, a dial-by-name directory and five hold channels. Outside of that, any other feature will cost an additional monthly fee. This plan commences at $49.95 per month per user and would be the ideal option for companies that have a need for internal phone lines but don’t really use a lot of features.

    Next, the Per Seat Metered plan includes a voicemail box, an auto attendant, a ring group, a dial-by-name directory, a greeting, busy lamp and hold music for $8.95 per user per month, with a minimum of 5 users. These same features on the Pay As You Go plan would quickly surpass $100 per user. This is the best solution for businesses that need multiple full-featured phones.

    Lastly, the Unlimited plan offers all of the features in the metered plan, as well as unlimited calling and call recording, and comes at a cost of $24.95 per month, per user.

    An impressive selection of IP phones can be purchased from the company at a 30% discount, and every phone comes preconfigured. In addition, OnSIP reviews many outside phone models and offers recommendations to users on which brands and models offer the best value.

  • The Cons

    Some customers report installation instructions being a little too ‘technical’ for the average user.

  • The Plan

    The company offers one FREE plan and three PAID plans.


    $0 per month, per user

    • Up to 100 Users
    • Web Voice Calling
    • Web Video Calling
    • Unlimited Extensions
    • Web Call Buttons
    • Web Call Links
    • Web Phones
    • Presence
    • Slack Integration
    • Chrome Extension
    • Zendesk Integration
    • Business Hour Rules
    • Use any SIP phone app
    • Unlimited SIP – SIP Internet Calling
    • SIP Domain Hosting
    • Knowledge Access
    • Developed APIs
    • Additional Apps A La Carte
    • All Apps 30 day Free Trials

    Pay As You Go

    $0 per user, per month
    $49.95 feature minimum

    Includes everything from FREE, and the following:

    • No limit on number of users
    • External (PSTN) calling
    • Phone, Email, Ticket IM support
    • 5 Voicemail Boxes
    • 3 Auto Attendants
    • 3 Ring Groups
    • 1 Dial by Name Directory
    • 1 Announcement
    • 5 Music on Hold Channels
    • 1 Call Recording User
    • Additional Apps A La Carte
    • All Apps 30 Day Free Trial

    Metered User

    $8.95 per user, per month
    5 User Minimum

    Includes everything from FREE and Pay As You Go, and the following:

    • Voicemail Box
    • Auto Attendant
    • Ring Group
    • Dial by Name Directory
    • Announcement
    • Music on Hold Channel
    • Enhanced Music on Hold
    • Additional Apps A La Carte
    • All Apps 30 Day Free Trial

    Unlimited User

    $24.95 per month, per user
    5 user minimum

    Includes everything in FREE, PAY AS YOU GO and METERED and the following:

    • Unlimited Standard Calling Area
    • Call Recording
    • Additional Apps A La Carte
    • All Apps 30 Day Free Trial

    The cost of al la carte apps is as follows:

    • Voicemail Box (& VM to Email) $2.00
    • Music On Hold Channel $4.95
    • Auto Attendant$19.95
    • Ring Group$14.95
    • Dial by Name Directory $9.95
    • On Net Conference Suite (1)$19.95
    • Conference Suite Bundle (10) $50.00
    • Call Recording (per User) $4.95
    • Enhanced Queue Agent & Dashboard $14.95
    • Announcement$4.95
    • Enhanced Music on Hold $19.95
    • Busy Lamp Field $19.95
    • Call Parking $14.95
    • Inbound Bridge $1.95 + $0.005/min


When all is said and done, OnSIP reviews agree that OnSIP offers a great platform for small and midsize businesses that need flexibility and the freedom to pick their price. Each of the paid platforms presents SMBs with unlimited extensions and a number of other free features but then asks them to customize their plans by choosing the features that they will use regularly.

The advantage to this is that businesses aren’t locked into paying for things they simply won’t use, which allows companies (especially smaller companies) to control their spending by choosing a solution that meets both operational and budget needs. The flexible pricing is one of OnSIP’s strengths commonly noted in OnSIP reviews.

Some OnSIP reviews have noted that installation instructions can be too technical for the average consumer.

Vonage Features

  • Platforms
  • Use via computer
  • Use via cellphones
  • Use via phones
  • Minutes per Line
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Min. Contract Length
  • Customer Service Hours
  • Call Hold
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Logs
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller-ID
  • Custom Tagging
  • Dial-by-name Directory
  • Local Number Portability
  • Music on Hold
  • Automatic Callback
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Conferencing
  • Multiple Devices on 1 Extension

More Features

  • Online Backup & Storage
  • Priority Alert
  • Privacy
  • Push to Talk
  • Seven-Digit Dialing
  • Unified Inbox
  • Outbound Call Control
  • Outlook Integration
  • Remote Office
  • Video on Hold
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Call Recording
  • Group Intercom
  • Call Queuing (ACD)
  • Call Groups
  • Switchboard Software
  • Internet Fax
  • Toll Free Number
  • Virtual Mailbox
  • Professional Greeting
  • iOS App Support
  • Android App Support
  • Salesforce Integration

Overall Rating 3.8

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