Having entered the marketplace in mid-2007, Ooma functions differently than other VOIP porviders, aiming to eliminate the need for customers to pay recurring monthly service fees. In order to take advantage of the service, users are required to purchase the Telo device and connect it to an already existing landline and Internet connection

  • The Pros

    Ooma’s Telo is a excellent alternative for anyone needing standard calling and voicemail services. Initial setup and configuration can be done with minimal challenges and the call clarity has been reported as being exceptionally clear. Ooma customer and technical support is easy to reach and quick to provide expert guidance whenever needed. For anyone requiring additional services, features or International calling options, it is possible to purchase upgrades or enhanced tool sets.

  • The Cons

    Ooma Telo should not be considered a complete unified communications solution, nor should it be expected to function as such. While users will benefit for voicemail, they will not have access to features like SMS, or Voice / Video conferencing. There is a one-time fee of $9.99 to download the mobile app and additional fees to access premium tools. Even more bothersome is the cap of 5,000 minutes that is placed on the ‘unlimited’ package.

  • The Plan

    • Users pay an initial purchase price of $149.99 (MVSP) to gain access to all of the standard features (and to purchase the device)
    • In order to access premium features and additional $9.99 per month is required.
    • While, this provides access to more than 25 features, this might be consider expensive when compared to other all-inclusive providers
    • Additional hardware, calling packages and International minutes are priced individually and can result in a hefty expense


The Telo is a great alternative for anyone needing basic telephone service, at a reasonable rate. However, for customers requiring additional calling features like voicemail-to-text, call forwarding and conferencing there are better providers available. Ooma’s VOIPcustomer support team has been consistently rated as easy to reach and very responsive.

Overall Rating 3.2

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