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Phone Power is a great alternative VoIP service, particularly for small businesses or smaller organizations looking to reduce their phone service costs. Since it is easy to set up and has low costs for service, this makes a great option for many people who still need basic to advanced VoIP features. At only $19.95 a month, it offers competitive pricing when compared with many other VoIP providers, too. Keep in mind, though, that if you want more advanced features you may need a different vendor and/or a different  VoIP service plan, since Phone Power caters primarily to small businesses and offers basic phone plans that are best for soloprenuers or new startups with few users. Or, if you are looking for phone service for your home or for personal calls, then Phone Power plans may be best for you.

So, think carefully about your VoIP needs and use this review to help you decide if Phone Power has the right combination of features, functionality and pricing for your organization.

If you are considering Phone Power and are looking for reviews of this VoIP provider, in this article we will review their VoIP service and help you decide if what they offer is right for you and your organization. We will also talk about some of their features and help you evaluate and compare Phone Power’s functionality to other service options. By the end of this article, you should have a better idea of whether or not Phone Power is right for you.

Article Contents:

1. How Phone Power Works and VoIP Basics

2. Phone Power Plans and Pricing

3. How Phone Power Can Help Your Business

4. Getting Started with Phone Power

After reading this article, be sure to check out the other great articles on our website for more information about VoIP and how it works. We also have a variety of other reviews of vendors on our website, too. Many of these articles also feature tips and tricks for getting started with VoIP and establishing a great business communications system that can connect your entire team. If you take time to learn and give VoIP service a chance, we think you will find that it offers the same quality of plain-old telephone service (POTS) alongside better pricing and added features. Your organization can save money while also building a much better overall phone system.

1. How Phone Power Works and VoIP Basics

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) works by routing phone data and traffic over the Internet. This can help reduce phone service costs and infrastructure maintenance expenses dramatically, so phone companies can pass these savings directly on to subscribers. Traditionally, telephone service has been very expensive and offered limited features unless you were willing to pay a large sum of money for subscription and equipment costs. With the growth of the Internet and significant improvements in call quality with VoIP, many people have found Internet phone service to be a very practical, straightforward and effective solution for their businesses.

VoIP has become a very popular option for many small businesses, medium-sized businesses and larger organizations. We think you will be surprised what VoIP can help you accomplish–it can boost productivity at your office, provide you with a variety of advanced features, and more.

2. Phone Power Plans and Pricing

Phone Power offers a basic plan that starts at $19.95, but you can get discounts for pre-paying for service, committing to two years of service or using your own equipment. The prepay discount brings your cost down below $10 a month, so it is a great idea to consider if you are open to signing up for service further out and paying for it upfront. You can also sign up for a two-year plan, for instance, which can also save you money. Phone Power’s service is relatively low-cost and can help you build your communications system for less. There is also a money-back guarantee if you try the system and change your mind or do not particularly like it, which is another great selling point of the system. You can implement it and then later decide that it is not right for your business and get a refund, if needed, making it easier to get started even if you are somewhat uncertain about it.

This plan may seem limited if you are interested in a phone plan for a larger organization, however, so you may need to choose a different vendor or phone plan if you are looking for a phone system for a medium-sized business or large enterprise organization. Prepare your questions and list of desired features so you can ask Phone Power if you need help deciding on their service.

3. How Phone Power Can Help Your Business

With Phone Power, you can help your business grow by presenting a bigger image or looking more professional to customers. You can build a functional phone system for your small business. As your organization grows, you can also improve upon and scale your phone system to keep up with the changes.

Phone Power lets you use a softphone or app, too, in addition to your primary phone, without charging extra for this feature like many VoIP providers do. You can quickly and easily refer back to the softphone app if you would rather use it instead for your phone calls.

4. Getting Started with Phone Power

Thankfully, Phone Power is also relatively easy to set up and get implemented at your organization. You can quickly get started and begin using the service the same day you start set up, since all you have to do is start using an adapter with an existing phone or begin using a softphone app. You can make calls from your computer, then, or from a traditional phone. It makes it easy to use your business communications system.

If you are ready to start, begin by taking your checklist of questions for Phone Power to their customer service and sales department or start by signing up online. From there, you can prepare to activate service and begin using it. Phone Power can mail you an analog telephone adapter (ATA), which allows you to start using a traditional landline-style telephone with your new VoIP plan. ATAs allow landline phones to communicate with the VoIP network, and enable you to call softphones, VoIP subscribers, cell phones, landlines and other phones quickly and easily.

You can get a phone number in your own area code or elsewhere, which is great for companies wanting to appear to be in a different zip code or wanting to do business within their own zip code and keep the same area code with their phone number. Your ability to choose your area code is very useful for businesses that have multiple locations, too. Phone Power even lets you pick a Canadian phone number, which is helpful for businesses that sell to Canadian customers.

Once you sign up, you can immediately begin using the softphone app for phone calls. This is excellent if you need to begin using your communications system the same day, as long as you are willing to use your computer for calls.

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