With more than 350,000 clients worldwide, RingCentral claims to be the top choice for businesses looking to streamline communications, optimize their budget and implement a solution that is both scalable and flexible.

To help you determine if RingCentral offers the right phone system for you, we’ve taken a closer look at everything to do with RingCentral, from RingCentral reviews to the system features and overall RingCentral pricing model.

Available on a pay-per-user basis, RingCentral offers a comprehensive selection of valued-added tools uniquely designed for business use.

  • The Pros

    Crafted uniquely for business use, RingCentral offers a high degree of interoperability and the ability to integrate with the most used business applications. Businesses relying on Salesforce to manage their interactions with consumers will appreciate the RingCentral app, designed to allow users to make phone calls from inside Salesforce by connecting to RingCentral’s VoIP service with a single click. As an added bonus, during the call, users can take notes to be automatically saved into the system under the appropriate contact file. The contact file for incoming callers is automatically populated, meaning that no time is wasted searching through files or directories. RingCentral also integrates with Box, a popular cloud storage service that also allows faxing of stored files. RingCentral’s integrations with other business applications is a strong point of favor in several RingCentral reviews.

    In addition, RingCentral’s video conferencing features are something of a marvel, according to RingCentral reviews. The service allows for high definition video conferencing with up to 50 participants in a single session, although the number of permissible participants varies per RingCentral pricing plan. Participants can easily share documents and host presentations thanks to a large number of collaborative tools.

    Benefits include:

    • Choice of local, toll-free or vanity number — or keep your current number
    • One of the most advanced cloud faxing services in the industry
    • Other enhanced text messaging and SMS features to improve collaboration
  • The Cons

    While superior in the business telecommunication facets, RingCentral has completely shut out the residential consumer and has no plans to include home phone service in the foreseeable future.

    That being said, any business considering VoIP should take the time to investigate RingCentral and their many service offerings. The solutions offered extend far beyond that of most traditional VoIP service and include value added features like HD video conferencing, Internet faxing and integration with a number of 3rd party applications. However, be advised that they are not the most budget friendly service provider. Their monthly per-user fee model may make it difficult for smaller businesses to justify the cost.

  • The Plan

    Notable Terms & Conditions

    • No early termination fee
    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • $0 setup fee
    • Shipping and handling fees ranging from $18.95 to $70.95


    • $24.99 per month per user
    • Choice of month-to-month or annual contract
    • Unlimited local and long distance calling
    • No international calling minutes


    • $34.99 per user per month
    • Month-to-month or annual contract
    • Unlimited local and long distance calling
    • No international minutes included


    • $44.99 per month per user
    • Month-to-month or annual contract
    • Unlimited local and long distance calling
    • No international minutes


RingCentral pricing may be steeper than that of other call services, but RingCentral should not be overlooked simply because of its higher-than-average monthly fee. According to the majority of RingCentral reviews left by RingCentral customers, the services and features provided are proven to deliver tremendous value to businesses aiming to compete in their industry, deliver top-notch customer service, collaborate with colleagues from anywhere, boost sales and drive revenue.

Customers also note in several Ring Central reviews that they have been satisfied with the call clarity and continued service RingCentral offers, and many said they have been pleased with the high level of customer support they receive when they contact RingCentral for help with any aspect of the service.

Not all Ring Central reviews are positive, however; some customers have indicated they have had a difficult time either understanding or cancelling RingCentral’s contracts, and others have expressed frustration in dealing with RingCentral’s customer support.

RingCentral Features

  • Platforms
  • Use via computer
  • Use via cellphones
  • Use via phones
  • Minutes per Line
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Min. Contract Length
  • Customer Service Hours
  • Call Hold
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Logs
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller-ID
  • Custom Tagging
  • Dial-by-name Directory
  • Local Number Portability
  • Music on Hold
  • Automatic Callback
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Conferencing
  • Multiple Devices on 1 Extension

More Features

  • Online Backup & Storage
  • Priority Alert
  • Privacy
  • Push to Talk
  • Seven-Digit Dialing
  • Unified Inbox
  • Outbound Call Control
  • Outlook Integration
  • Remote Office
  • Video on Hold
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Call Recording
  • Group Intercom
  • Call Queuing (ACD)
  • Call Groups
  • Switchboard Software
  • Internet Fax
  • Toll Free Number
  • Virtual Mailbox
  • Professional Greeting
  • iOS App Support
  • Android App Support
  • Salesforce Integration

Overall Rating 4.6

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