Simplifying the Confusion When Choosing the Right Voice Over Internet Protocol Service

Every business has some need for establishing solid channels of communication. Offering a product or service inevitably requires communication for customer service and management of business systems. Widely accessible Internet, mobile technology, and cloud computing have all been transforming business systems; traditional telephony systems are not immune from these changes, evidenced by VoIP growth trends among businesses of all sizes. This article will attempt to simplify the confusion when choosing the right VoIP service.

Business Communication Needs

Every business has different communication needs, which play a large part in whether or not they switch to VoIP telephony systems. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) serving customers that come into their stores are less likely to make the switch to VoIP, although they’re more integrated with an online presence than ever. Retail and trade services, with in-store customers mostly, now have websites and even mobile apps.

What this means is even businesses with limited communication needs, are seeing the benefits of VoIP vs. traditional landline phone systems. What they’re seeing is the integration capabilities with their online presence. What may initially attract them is the lower cost of VoIP, but then the: scalability, flexibility, analytics, capabilities, and integration – transform their outlook on communications.

Businesses in industries such as financial, SaaS, telecommunications, real-estate, e-commerce, etc. – have a more robust need for VoIP technology, so are quicker to adapt. Simply being able to conduct video conferencing and having detailed analytics integrated with their CRM systems, leads them to make the switch. Basically, businesses that are more connected online and serve customers more through digital means, are switching to some form of VoIP as their main form of telephony commutations.

Simplifying the Confusion Around VoIP

Innovation in communication is great, yet it can seem very complex to the outsider. Not everyone has the time to become an expert in telephony systems, not to mention the CRM, ERP, WMS, and all the other solutions businesses are using to simply run their businesses in a modern technological world. The good news is being an expert isn’t necessary, as there are helpful ways to simplify the process of finding the right solution.

For instance, does your business need an on-premise PBX, hosted PBX, virtual PBX, virtual IP-PBX…? If a person doesn’t understand these options very well, they may be tempted to simply stick to the old traditional telephony system and lose out on the benefits. This is why Top10VoIPList was created, to help businesses narrow down their choices and understand better what’s being offered.

Each business has its unique communication needs, so finding the right solution is not universal for everyone. Do you want to buy and maintain hardware, or have a virtual PBX provider? What features does your business need: unlimited calling, video conferencing, integration with CRM systems, integration within multiple locations, hybrid system, mobile functionality, voicemail to SMS, etc…

Insights Gained From Experience

Start with answering these basic questions, then begin the process of investigating the best VoIP providers we have listed. Most of these have a money-back policy within 30 days, so businesses can experience exactly how VoIP works for their business. Experiencing the benefits that VoIP brings is the best way to know if it’s something your business needs or wants.

Gaining insights from experience is a great way to simplify the confusion and know which VoIP direction to take. Talk with service representatives and pick their brains, but a full understanding of how this communication upgrade will affect your business comes from experience. While trying out an on-premise VoIP provider is more difficult than a virtual PBX provider, most have money-back policies (their money-back policies are listed on our site).


The main benefit of upgrading VoIP from traditional telephony is the integration capabilities with a business’s online presence. The options and features may vary, yet a business’s communication capabilities will increase with mobile and online integration either way.

With each business having different communication needs, understanding which VoIP direction to go can be confusing. Top10VoIPList is here to help narrow down the choices, by providing helpful resources to simplify the process of deciding. Ultimately, experiencing the features and capabilities of the VoIP upgrade is the best way to know if it’s right for your business. Take advantage of the money-back trial offers, in order to test out which VoIP provider is right for your business. Please contact us today with any questions or to learn more.

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