Sometimes Overlooked Questions to Ask Your VoIP Provider Before Signing a Contract

Voice over Internet Protocol technology continues to become the standard in many workplaces and homes. Yet, the list of providers only continues to grow as much as the individual features you can enjoy. Because of this, trying to find a VoIP provider giving you exactly what you need can become a task that’s far too time-consuming.

Don’t let this deter you, because sources like us at can help you vet the best providers in the industry. However, when you have a short list of the ones you think are best, it’s time to ask them some questions to assure you’ll have the most useful features.

Businesses don’t always take enough time to ask questions when acquiring new technology. What you’ll appreciate about VoIP is set-up time isn’t very long since it works off your existing Internet connection.

Your only concern is finding out various important features and elements that sometimes get overlooked.

Let’s look at the most important questions to ask a VoIP provider before you sign any contract.

What’s In Your  VoIP provider Contract and SLA?

All contracts need examining carefully before signing on the dotted line. VoIP contracts always vary, yet any provider needs to detail your term details. You also want to know what it takes to back out of your agreement. This includes what fees you’ll have to pay if you decide to cancel early.

Then there’s the SLA, or your service level agreement. It’s important to find out what credits you’ll receive if you ever experience any outages. SLA’s give you an idea of what kind of uptime you’ll have, though they can’t always make exact promises.

Even so, a 99% uptime rate is perfectly acceptable without having to pay higher amounts for 100%.

How Good is the Technical Support?

VoIP is usually reliable with a quality Internet line. Nevertheless, some technical issues could always arise at the wrong times. You need to ask your provider what kind of tech support they offer and whether it’s available 24/7. Ones with limited hours could pose risks if your VoIP system goes out on a holiday or in the middle of the night.

While it’s not always possible, having tech support here in the states helps in better communication. Being able to understand one another during support is essential for problem-solving.

Vetting Their Service at Enterprise Level

If you’re a growing business, you’ll want to know whether your VoIP provider can scale. More importantly, you’ll want to know if they already provide services at the enterprise level. If they’re only used to working with smaller business structures, you may want to look elsewhere.

They need to have at least a few enterprise level accounts with a strong assurance they’ve kept systems running optimally at all times.

How Fast Do They Acquire New Technologies?

As much as you want to know whether your VoIP provider can keep up with your growth, be sure to ask them what kind of technologies they regularly acquire. If it seems like they’re still behind in the latest VoIP technologies, it could become a red flag they won’t accommodate your demands.

Not bothering to keep up on technology advancements could mean playing constant catch-up and creating service issues for you as well. Don’t pay less just because the provider doesn’t provide regular software updates. It isn’t worth it if they can’t bring superior service when you experience a sudden surge in phone activity.

Do They Have a Free Trial?

Don’t hesitate to ask if the provider can give you a free trial for at least one month. VoIP charges a flat rate per month, so it’s already exponentially affordable compared to a phone company. Regardless, you still want to know if the service is right for you and not have to cancel just a week or two after signing up.

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