Staying Connected To Customers When Not In The Office

Starting a small or medium-sized business requires making reliable tech decisions to help grow quickly without having downtime. Finding the proper VoIP service is usually one of those choices, though far too many businesses don’t take it into consideration. For your own business, perhaps you think keeping connected to customers and employees can still work using old phone systems you’ve used for years.

No doubt you’re probably noticing by now that you’re more or less stuck in place using aging technology. Despite being comfortable using landline phone systems and relying on cell phone carriers, the expenses of these are too much to handle.

You simply can’t grow without being able to cut expenses, and you shouldn’t cut your workforce just because you’re not aware of other options.

One of your possible goals is being able to get you and your employees out of the office more often this year. Yet, you realize using cell phones for this is impossible without having major bills. It’s also not possible using landline phones.

Here’s how VoIP can change this to finally give freedom to work from home, or be on the go.

Being Easy to Reach, No Matter Where You Are

Recently, Canadian Business noted that clients don’t care where your business is. They care more if they can reach you easily, no matter where you are in the world.

Having this in mind is a good starting point for realizing the potential in what VoIP can do. After years of having to drive to an office, you’ve perhaps grown tired of needing to coordinate your employees for constant in-person meetings. Many times, your staff likely couldn’t meet because some had to travel for their work duties.

Other employees might have to work in the field to keep cash flow going. In this regard, full meetings are perhaps quite rare, which only creates more workplace confusion not staying connected.

VoIP gives you various ways to stay connected at all times without having to pay by the minute for how much time you use.

Creating Mobile Extensions

More and more VoIP providers now allow app installations on mobile devices for extension services. By creating an extension on a mobile device, an employee can take and receive calls anywhere they go. Voicemails also go straight to email for immediate retrieval.

Giving this to every one of your employees allows them to work from home any time they need to. Those in the field are instantly reachable as well. Plus, it’s possible to route your direct business number through these extensions so customers can reach your employees during business hours.


VoIP providers now add conferencing features, and not just for voice. Video conferencing integration is becoming quite common. What’s great about these is not having to pay a separate bill for using them. Most to all VoIP services charge a flat rate per month, though some might add a little extra for additional features.

With voice and video conferencing, meetings become virtual. It’s essential to keep everyone in the loop about ideas as well as office procedures. Nevertheless, VoIP can make the office almost obsolete, giving a chance for all businesses to reinvent how we view a workplace.

Connecting with Customers

You should never leave connectivity issues with customers out of the equation. VoIP takes customer connection to just as much of a superior level. Using cloud VoIP services, caller data has easy accessibility for your phone agents. Having this makes for improved customer service and providing more personalized information.

At the same time, VoIP prevents long wait times for your customers. Using the extension feature, employees in all your departments can usually get reached instantly. However, if a caller has to wait, VoIP provides professional digital assistants and wait-time music to help engage customers until someone answers.

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