The 20 Best Slack Integrations To Help Manage Remote Workers

With so many businesses choosing Slack to help them communicate with team members and stay on-task at work, there are now many Slack integrations available. Slack is one of the most popular workplace chat tools on the market, empowering remote work and keeping busy offices connected.

With Slack integrations, you can:

  • Become more productive
  • Communicate better
  • Boost revenue and ROI
  • Grow your SMB
  • Manage a remote or distributed workforce more effectively

In this article, we will review 20 popular Slack integrations you can begin using quickly. With these tools, you may see genuine return on investment gains, improve productivity and communicate better with your team.

These integrations are great for sales teams, marketing departments, engineering teams and entire companies. Even SMBs can benefit from choosing the right Slack integrations.

Slack integrations:

  1. Help you with project management.
  2. Provide cloud storage for your files.
  3. Create calendars and schedules.
  4. Replace the time clock and track leave time.
  5. Keep attendance.
  6. Secure your Slack communications.
  7. Allocate resources, all within Slack.

1. Help you with project management.

Project management apps for Slack help you set priorities and keep tabs on who is working on each project, so you can avoid forgetting to assign employees to important tasks. Instead of losing track of your projects, you can keep all of that information together with these Slack integrations.


A very popular project management tool, Trello is already in use at many businesses, so it makes sense to integrate it with Slack.  It also does integrate well with Slack. Trello lets you organize and assign tasks using virtual cards and lists, providing a user-friendly interface and fairly simple console.


With Busybot, you can assign tasks to employees directly through Slack. This integration makes it simple to keep everyone working on the right projects and tasks.


Allows you to make Slack your project management app and track and organize tasks.

2. Provide cloud storage for your files.

By storing files on the cloud, you can easily share information and keep it protected. No more losing everything when a hard drive dies, something breaks or you lose access to a particular computer. Your information stays in one place and is available to you whenever you access it in the cloud. And these all integrate with Slack, bringing your files where they are easier to use.

Google Drive

Many users already have Google Drive, and it integrates with Slack. Easily upload files and save them in folders. You can share access to specific files, too. It is free to use and has a simple interface.


A file-sharing bot that helps users find and use files, all within Slack.


Similar to Google Drive, Dropbox is a cloud storage tool popular with many businesses. Free accounts are available, it integrates with Slack and many other platforms. With a Dropbox, you can access your files anywhere you have the internet and you can share files with others. You can also keep your other folders and files secure while you allow access to part of your files, which is nice.

3. Create calendars and schedules.

Slack integrations can help you create calendars and keep track of schedules.


This app allows managers and team leads to look at their team’s calendars. You can use this tool with Slack to get a big-picture view of what your team is doing throughout the day, week, month or year. Meekan can even help you find free-time you have in common to schedule special meetings or other events.


A chatbot in Slack that helps users work with their Google or Microsoft calendars, Calbot is great for companies who need to bring their Microsoft calendars into Slack.

Google Calendar

This Slack integration, since it is from Google, is also compatible with many other available tools. If you have a Gmail account, it makes sense to also use Google Calendar and integrate it with Slack.

4. Replace the time clock and track leave time.

With Slack integrations that track time, you can replace the company time clock with something your employees can use within Slack.


Using slash commands, users can clock in and out. Calamari does work as stand-alone software, but it also integrates with Slack.

Simple In/Out

This is a no-frills time clock that managers can use to track employee’s work hours within Slack.


This is a free-for-unlimited-users leave and benefits tracking solution that integrates with Slack. GoCo will give you in-Slack notifications for upcoming holidays, out-of-office, birthdays and more.


This app makes it easy to request time off and it updates calendars to reflect vacation and leave periods. It is a Slack integration but also has mobile and desktop app versions. It also allows you to generate reports so you can see at-a-glance how leave is being used at your company.

5. Keep attendance.

Tracking attendance does not need to be a frustrating process, thanks to these Slack integrations. You can track your employee attendance even if your employees work remotely, keeping your distributed team functioning smoothly.


This integration allows employees to send direct messages to the bot to update their attendance and work status. Managers can see who messaged the bot and filed a quick report. Message things like, “I’m sick today,” “back in one hour” or other phrases to the bot and managers will see what every employee is doing.


Spybot lets managers know when team members log into Slack or become active. You can make notes of who is working again after long idle periods to help you monitor workers.

6. Secure your Slack communications.

You can get these Slack integrations to boost the security of your Slack system. Compared with some other popular systems, Slack may not have as much encryption as you need. These integrations can help you change that by strengthening Slack’s security. Since Slack is such an important workplace communication tool, it is important to keep Slack messages as secure as possible so your operations are kept secure from competitors and others.


Papertrail’s Slack integration allows you to monitor and record Slack notifications and alerts. You can create reports and save information into archives so it can be retained long-term.


Bitium secures apps so remote employees can only access the software they are permitted to use. Using robust security, Bitium manages access to apps and keeps out everyone who does not need a specific app for their job. This tool can help you control access to and use of company information.

7. Allocate resources, all within Slack.

You can use these Slack integrations to help you allocate human resources more efficiently. With a remote workforce, keeping everyone on the right task is important. These apps can help you accomplish that and stay updated on how large projects are progressing inside your organization, even if some of your employees are remote workers.


This app is a straightforward progress tracker, where employees can post to a channel for tracking progress on projects.

Status Hero

Offers goal tracking and allows teammates to provide regular updates on their progress, as well as show at-a-glance team updates.


Using slash commands, workers can begin and end time tracking. Maintains a list of who is working on each project and for how long.

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