The Advantages of Business VOIP Hosted PBX Systems

Business VoIP hosted PBX systems offer several benefits over traditional on-site, landline-based PBX. For this reason, many companies are either switching over to them or putting them in right from the start. Here are some of the advantages that can be expected:

No More Bills from the Phone Company

If you switch to a VoIP-based PBX system, you’ll no longer have any need for landlines because everything will be going through your internet connection. This means you can call the phone company and cancel your service entirely. Whether you actually mothball all of your landlines is up to you, but the very fact that you’ll be able to will free you from feeling enslaved by your old telephone provider.

No Need to Buy or Maintain Expensive PBX Hardware

For many businesses, the hardware needed to run the typical multi-line company phone system is a significant expense. Maintenance and repairs are also expensive since they can require a highly trained technician. With a hosted PBX system, your company is freed from this expense and the hassle of figuring out its problems. The VoIP hosted PBX resides on the servers of the company providing the service. This means you don’t have to buy this equipment or maintain it. The service provider gets to handle it all!

Hosted VoIP is Easily Scalable

While regular PBX is scalable, it isn’t easily so. It typically takes some extensive rewiring, typically done by a tech, to add or remove a phone from a traditional on-site PBX system. With the hosted version, there is no such trouble. Just log onto your hosted PBX account and click a few buttons, and the PBX end is all set up. Plug a headset into the new person’s computer and they’ll then be ready to go. If someone leaves the company, it’s just as easy to reverse the operation.

Hosted Business VoIP Can Be Used Anywhere There’s an Internet Connection

Companies with distributed workforces, whether they involve field personnel, on-the-road salespeople, or home workers, need phone systems that allow for remote access. Hosted business VoIP is the perfect solution. Employees can have their mobile devices designated as extensions of the company phone system. Then, when someone calls for them, the calls are silently routed over to their mobiles for handling. This is more organized and more professional than forcing customers to use different numbers for each contact.

Low or No Long Distance Charges

If your business does a large amount of calling out, you surely know how old-fashioned landline companies make large amounts of money from domestic long-distance charges. Hosted VoIP lets you eliminate these per-call charges, either for a certain number of calls or a specific amount of time each month. If your company needs to do international long-distance calling, it may need to pay fees, but they’ll still be lower than those charged by landline services.

Getting Set Up is Affordable

For most companies, there’ll be no need to do any rewiring in order to switch to a hosted VoIP PBX system. That’s because companies today are almost always already wired for internet connectivity. VoIP rides on the same lines as the internet, so the existing wiring is all that’s needed to get hooked up. Just add some computer headsets and microphones to turn each computer workstation into one that’s enabled for telephone communication.

These are some of the main advantages of switching to hosted business VoIP PBX systems. Contact us to learn more about this technology and find out which providers are the best for the current needs of your business and for any future expansion. With the right provider, you’ll soon be free of the phone company and will have a system that’s just as professional to put in its place.

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