The Benefits of VoIP

If you own or run a small or medium business, you know that communication affects the efficiency of your company more than almost anything else. You might maintain a complicated and expensive phone network to help your employees communicate with each other, as well as clients and customers. It may work for you, but there is a better way. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Here are a few benefits of using VoIP to improve your company’s communication and efficiency.

VoIP Basics

First of all, let’s talk a little about how VoIP works. VoIP allows you to make calls, but instead of using phone lines, it uses the internet. Although the method is very different, the end result is basically the same. In both cases, two or more people have a conversation over a long distance. However, as similar as they are, there are also a lot of differences.


One of the biggest differences between a standard phone system and a VoIP system is the price. Phone systems can get pretty expensive, especially if they get complicated. Even a couple of landlines and a couple of cellphones with a few basic features can cost a surprising amount every month. On the other hand, VoIP costs virtually nothing. You probably already have computers, and you probably already have an internet connection. If you don’t already have a sound card, as well as and a mic and speakers for each computer, you’ll need to buy those, but the entire kit will likely be less than the price of a business phone. Because you already have most of the equipment and are already paying for the connection, a VoIP system can cost you almost nothing. How much are you paying each month for phone service?

Long distance and international calls

One of the biggest expenses of standard phone systems is long distance and international calls. Because of the complicated routing of these calls, especially the international ones, phone companies often charge large fees from them. However, connecting to another country through the internet is free. This carries over into the realm of VoIP. Calls made to far away places, even countries on the other side of the world, won’t cost you anything.

Group calls

This is another thing that standard phone systems struggle with. Of course, they can connect one person to another just fine. They can often even facilitate a call between three or four different people, assuming all of the appropriate equipment is in place, however, this can often prove to be difficult, and trying to add even more people to the call is even more complicated, if not impossible. VoIP is built for this sort of thing. With a VoIP system, you can add almost any number of people to a call. This can be a huge boost to the communication between your employees. Imagine the meetings that could take place without anyone ever having to leave their desk. Consider the money that would be saved on employee travel.

Interfacing with technology

Because VoIP functions on a computer and over the internet, it is already set up to easily interface with technology. This means that VoIP can come with powerful features such as integrated contact lists and caller ID. And there is an endless number of possibilities in the future. Who knows what could come from this technology? Don’t you want to be there when it happens?

A VoIP system can be a huge advantage for any small to medium-sized business. It will boost your communication both within the company and with customers and clients, increase your efficiency, and drive down costs. Interested in learning more about VoIP? Contact us. We’re experts and can answer any questions you may have.

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