The Importance of a VoIP Test

Deciding which VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) provider is the right one to power your business phone operations is a big decision and can be a large investment. When comparing networks and providers, it’s worth having a VoIP test performed to check for network speed and connection quality to make sure your system is sufficiently powerful to work well with the service.

VoIP is an internet-based service that needs to have enough bandwidth, or internet speed, available to be able to work. Without enough bandwidth, your VoIP service won’t work well regardless of who your provider is. Testing your bandwidth with a VoIP quality test ahead of choosing a VoIP service will save you a lot of headache down the road that could come with problems caused by a slow connection, such as poor sound quality and disconnections. Most of the problems you can run into with VoIP service can be traced back to a poor or overloaded internet connection, which can be identified during VoIP quality testing.

Where To Find a VoIP Test Tool

Many VoIP test tools exist; most VoIP providers offer a free VoIP test tool on their website, along with simple directions to help you get accurate results.

What Does a VoIP Test Measure?

Some of the internet connection components a VoIP test may measure can include Download Speed, Upload Speed, Packet Loss, Bufferbloat, Round Trip Time (RTT)/Latency/Ping, and Jitter.

Voice Over IP Speed Test

A voice over IP speed test is used to discover how efficient of an internet connection you have. The results of a voice over IP speed test can help you ensure your connection can handle running a VoIP service at all, and once the quality of your connection is known, you can then determine which VoIP service your connection can run effectively without sacrificing quality.

Several things can contribute to a poor result on a voice over IP speed test. If your internet plan doesn’t provide much bandwidth to begin with, you may be in trouble. But also keep in mind that even if your internet has a faster base connection, if your bandwidth is being used to run other programs, such as games or streaming services, there is less left available to power your VoIP service. Physical factors can also play a role in a slow internet connection speed; for example, bad connectors or loose wiring on your router or modem can wreak havoc.

Voice Over IP Quality Test

Basically just another name for a voice over IP speed test, a voice over IP quality test helps ensure your VoIP service will perform well on your internet connection. The speed of your VoIP connection can affect the quality of the connection, which in turn can change the way your voice sounds to callers.

Other Considerations for VoIP Quality Testing

When examining VoIP quality test results and trying to understand what could be interrupting the flow of data, keep in mind what kind of VoIP service you’re running. Household or residential internet connections can be interrupted by things such as streaming and gaming, while business bandwidth can be going toward features such as private services and cloud hosting. In either case, multiple users often use the same connection, which can impact bandwidth availability in a network during a VoIP quality test depending on which programs are being run at any given time.

Troubleshooting VoIP Quality Testing Results

If your VoIP quality tester comes back saying your connection is too slow to support a quality phone call, here are a few steps you can take to determine what is causing the problem with your bandwidth. If one step doesn’t identify whether the problem is with your network or with your ISP, move on to the next step.

  1. Identify all of what is using for your bandwidth. What is being downloaded at your home or business, and when? Can you lower or eliminate those uses of bandwidth while you’ll be using your VoIP system?
  2. Connect your VoIP device directly to your ISP modem. Using a VoIP quality tester with this setup can show you if the problem is with your network or with your ISP. If your VoIP testing tool says your connection is too slow, it’s likely a problem with your ISP and you can contact them for help.
  3. Connect your VoIP device into your router. If your VoIP testing tools came back with a good connection from your modem but a poor one from your router, the problem could be with your router.
  4. Connect your VoIP device into whatever comes next. If any more hubs exist in your wiring, try them out as well. Replace whichever piece of hardware or cable rests between where you get your last good and first bad VoIP quality tester results.

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